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Pearl Cleage – Playwright

Pearl Cleage, grew up in Detroit, Michigan, where her father was a church pastor who was heavily involved in the Civil Rights movement. After graduating high school, Cleage attended Howard University and majored in playwriting and dramatic literature. Later she moved to Atlanta and enrolled at Spelman College and graduated with a bachelor's degree in drama. After college she wrote 12 plays and 4 of the plays were produced by the Alliance Theatre. In 1997, she published her first novel What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day. The book became a New York Times best seller and was later added to the Oprah Book List.

In the 1970's she worked as press secretary and speechwriter for Maynard Jackson. She has written columns in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Atlanta Tribune and co founded and edited Catalyst, a literary journal. Because of her body of work and her dedication to the medium she has received numerous awards including the Bronze Jubilee Award for Literature in 1983 and the outstanding columnist award from the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists in 1991.
To learn more about Pearl Cleage you can visit her website.

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