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Millenium Mural Project

Colquitt, Georgia - home of "Swamp Gravy," the official Georgia Folk Life play - is now also officially Georgia's first Mural City, thanks to a proclamation by Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue. The 10 murals that spread across downtown began as a way for the city to encourage the arts in the community. The first mural – by Henry Gorham of McRae – tells the story of a Saturday Morning in Colquitt.

Ten years later, the last mural - called Summer in the Swamp and completed in April 2005 - truly brought the arts to the community: it was painted with the help of children from surrounding schools. The project's lead artist, Cheryl Mann Hardin, began by having the children tell her stories about their experiences in the swamp. From there, Hardin designed an outline for the kids to paint. To learn more about the project or to see pictures of the murals, visit the project's website.