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Mexican Ballet de Lupita Sosa

Founded in 1993, the Ballet Mexicano de Lupita Sosa performs traditional Mexican dance, often referred to as ballet folklorico. Although different in appearance from classical western European ballet, the dance steps require the same level of skill, technique and practice. While the dancing appears casual and spontaneous, its moves demand years of training and practice.

Lupita Sosa is a local Mexican Ballet dance instructor based in Gainesville, Georgia. She began her Georgia classes when her priest learned that she had been a Mexican Ballet dancer, and encouraged her to teach the dances to willing members of their congregation. Ten years later, she and her company travel around the South performing at festivals, schools and other celebrations. Featuring elaborate and colorful costumes, the Mexican Ballet helps to preserve the richness of Mexican culture and keep young generations in direct contact with their roots and traditions. To learn more about Mexican Ballet and Lupita Sosa's company visit, her website.