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José Limón Dance Company at Emory

A Chance to Dance with the Best

One of the pioneers of modern dance was a Mexican American named José Limón. A contemporary of Martha Graham, Limón was the first official cultural ambassador sent by the U.S. State Department around the world to share his knowledge and passion for the art of dance. Before his death in 1972, Limón was famous not only as a dancer but as an innovative choreographer, and “the Limón Technique” became known far and wide for its unique contribution to modern dance.

The José Limón Dance Company survived the death of its illustrious founder and today is under the guidance of artistic director Carla Maxwell in New York City. Recently, members of the José Limón Dance Company came to Emory University, where they shared secrets of the Limón technique with some of Atlanta's best dancers. Working alongside those who had once danced with the great José Limón, the Atlanta dancers were challenged to learn and then perform one of Limón's original masterpieces, Missa Brevis in Tempore Belli, or "Brief Mass in Time of War." To learn more about José Limón, visit his website.

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