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Indigo Girls

The Indigo Girls are the poets of folk rock music. Their timeless, truth-telling lyrics and consummate musicianship have made them icons for a generation of music lovers. Not content to rest on their laurels, Emily Saliers and Amy Ray perform hits in the GPB studios from their critically acclaimed latest album, "Despite Our Differences." And for those of us who have loved them for a long time, they thrill us with anthems like "Go" and "Closer to Fine."

The Indigo Girls grew up right here in Atlanta. They met while attending Laurel Ridge Elementary School in Decatur. Combining their unique styles of singing and playing, Sailiers and Ray have enjoyed a 20-year career. Their performing is second only to their activism. They strive to improve the environment along with a myriad of social issues that concern them, such as nuclear energy and queer issues. To learn more about their causes or their music, visit their website.