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Ice Magic

Frozen blocks of ice are transformed into magnificent works of art when Atlanta based Ice Magic gets a hold of it. Ice Sculptures, popular at parties or banquets, has its roots in art. Ice sculpting is a temporary art form carved out of three hundred pounds of solid ice. It has a long history in the Eastern world but is relatively new to the Western World. In 1934, Fairbanks, Alaska started their annual winter carnival that was the beginning of competitive ice carving in the West and it was recently added to the Winter Olympics as a cultural competition.

Ice Magic of Atlanta creates hundreds of sculptures for events all around Atlanta. Dean Carlson, Master Carver and Owner of Ice Magic, has been sculpting ice for many years. He has won the National Ice Carving Championships and captained the 1998 Olympic Ice Carving team. Ice carving offers a cool alternative to traditional art.

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(Contributor: Jeff White)

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