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Atlanta Boy Choir

For half a century these Grammy winners have traveled the globe, enchanting audiences wherever they stop to sing. Under the guidance of artistic director and conductor David White, the Atlanta Boy Choir is in great demand, performing choral masterworks for audiences throughout Georgia and around the world with their special blend of young voices.

Founded in 1957 by Fletcher Wolfe, the Atlanta Boy Choir strives to "achieve the highest possible standard of musical excellence while instilling in its members a life-long appreciation of music." Since its inception, more than 5,000 boys have undergone the rigorous training necessary to become members of the choir. For many alumni of the Atlanta Boy Choir, this training provided a foundation of discipline which served them well in their future life endeavors and successes.

Today, artistic director David White runs the Atlanta Boy Choir out of a grand old manse on Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta, where auditions are held twice a year. With a wide ranging musical repertoire that includes classical music, spirituals and beloved holiday standards, the Atlanta Boy Choir is regarded as one of the most elite in the world.

Join State of the Arts as it explores a Georgia treasure, the world-renowned Atlanta Boy Choir.

Visit the Atlanta Boy Choir website.

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