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Albany Museum of Art

Albany, Georgia, founded in 1831 is a southern city rich in history. Located next to the Flint River, Albany was originally inhabited by the Creek Indians. When the Creeks were forced to move, Albany became a cotton producing city utilizing the railroad because the river was too shallow for steam boats to navigate.

Today, Albany is restoring its downtown area with the addition of the Flint Riverquarium and moving the Albany Museum of Art to a downtown location. Along the Flint River, visitors will find the new Riverquarium exhibiting aquatic life native to the river. Next to the Riverquarium in the newly refurbished riverfront and downtown, people can browse a collection of larger than life decorated turtles. The Albany Museum of Art, the only fully accredited art museum in southwest Georgia, offers a mixture of African, American and European Art. Visitors can browse their permanent collection or walk through their many galleries.
To learn more about the Albany Museum look them up on the web, or to find out more about the Riverquarium visit their website.

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