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Question and Answer

Q – 1. When did the Fox Open?

A – The Fox Theatre opened on December 25, 1929.

Q – 2. Are there other movie palaces in the US?

A – Yes. The Fox Theatre is the third largest movie palace behind Radio City Music Hall and the Detroit Fox.

Q – 3. What else has been on this site before the Fox Theatre was built?

A – The site of the current Fox Theatre has served many functions over the course of Atlanta city. Some of those functions include the 405-acre farm of Richard Peters, Confederate fortifications for the protection of Peachtree Street and the city, private homes for Col. Foreacre and Col. Ragan, and the land for the Shriner's Yarab Temple.

Q – 4. What is a Shriner?

A – The Shriners is a fraternal organization of around 500,000 members most well known for its official philanthropy, Shriners Hosptials for Crippled Children. A subgroup of the Masons, Shriners are formally known as the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (AAONMS).

Q – 5. How many people can the Fox auditorium seat?

A – The 65,000 square foot auditorium was originally designed to seat 5,000.

Q – 6. What kinds of programs are offered at the Fox Theatre and who attends these programs?

A – There is a rich range of programs for audiences of all ages and from all parts of Georgia. Many folks have memories of dances, birthday parties, dances, opera, Broadway plays, "Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker", movies, rock concerts, syphonies, and organ concerts. Current offerings of the Fox Theatre include: Fox for Kids, The Atlanta Ballet, Broadway in Atlanta, Theater of the the Stars, Coca-Cola Summer Film Festival, Delta International Series.

Q – 7. Did the Fox have segregated facilities for White and Black patrons?

A – From 1929 until 1962, the Fox had a "Colored Box Office" where tickets were bought then entered the gallery of the theater by walking up the outside stairs. A long concrete wall separated the gallery from the rest of the theater.

Q – 8. What was the connection between the Fox Theatre and the Metropolitan Opera?

A – For 20 years, beginning in 1947, New York's Metropolitan Opera began a 20-year tradition of performing at the Fox. For a week each year, Atlanta citizens could see performances that featured such singers such as Franco Corelli, Anna Moffo, Birgit Nilsson and Leontyne Price.

Q – 9. How many stars are there in the celing of the auditorium?

A – 96 (about 1/3 "blink" because of the use of heat sensors that make them dim and brighten). A Brenograph Junior projector creates the illusion of clouds floating across the sky amid the twinkling stars. It takes 1 hour and 45 minutes for the Brenograph Junior to complete its journey.

Q – 10. What materials were used to get the Auditorium sky so blue?

A – The original blue sky was painted with buttermilk, glue, and pure ultrmarine pigment.

Q – 11. What materials make up the canopy?

A – The canopy is plaster-covered steel mesh painted to look like a mildewed canvas tent. It acts like a funnel that collects sound and bounces it back into the auditorium.

Q – 12. How many orchestra members can the Fox seat?

A – Using both orchestra lifts, the Fox can seat a 150-piece orchestra.

Q – 13. What is the average monthly electrical bill for the Fox?

A – $16,000 per month

Q – 14. Is celing of the auditorium curved or is that an illusion?

A – It is curved.

Q – 15. Is it true that gold leaf was used in the theatre when it was built?

A – No. The material used is aluminum leaf painted to look gold and old.

Q – 16. How much would it cost to replace the Fox today?

A – Auditorium alone: $40 million. Entire building: $100 million.

Q – 17. What is the Mighty Mo?

A – The "Mighty Mo" is the Fox's theater organ. It was custom-made for the Fox in 1929 by M.P. Moller Inc. of Hagerstown, Maryland. It is the second largest theater organ in the world with 42 ranks, four manuals and 376 stop tabs.

Q – 18. What was the "Save the Fox" campaign?

A – Mosque Inc. planned to raze the Fox and sell the land to Southern Bell for their new regional headquarters. In 1974, local citizens formed Atlanta Landmarks as a non-profit foundation whose mandate was to save the Fox. This grassroots organization had three years to raise the funds for a mortgage of $1.8 million plus closing costs, interest and a renovation fund.

Q – 19. How much does it cost to maintain the Fox in prime condition?

A – It is maintained with an annual preservation budget of $1.2 million. $20 million have been spent over the last 20 years.

Q – 20. Who is in charge of the restoration work at the Fox?

A – The Fox Theater has the only in-house restoration department of a major theater in the country. The restoration staff is comprised of highly skilled artisans, directed by a registered architect with an expertise in historic preservation.

Q – 21. What are some of the ongoing restoration projects at the Fox?

A – Major ongoing projects: Sky painting, copper dome replacement (inside and out), furniture restoration, Art Glass re-creation, fabric re-creation. Everday maintenance activities: plastering & glazing (faux wood beams), steciling & aluminum leafing, sky light bulb replacement, marquee light bulb replacement.

Q – 22. Are tours of the Fox Theatre available to the general public?

A – Tours of the Fox Theatre are available to the general public through the Atlanta Preservation Center.

Q – 23. Did "Gone With the Wind" premier at the Fox?

A – No. "Gone With the Wind" premiered at The Loew's Grand on December 15, 1939. Walt Disney premiered "Song of the South" at the Fox Theatre on November 12, 1946.

Q – 24. Who are some of the "famous" people who have appeared at the Fox?

A – Sammy Kaye's Orchestra, Bob Hope, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Yul Brynner, Elvis Pressley, Andy Williams, Van Cliburn, Virgil Fox, Arthur Fiedler, Linda Ronstdat, Tommy Tune, Rolling Stones, the Broadway play A Chorus Line, and Jeff Foxworthy.