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For Educators

DANCE, MUSIC, THEATER and VISUAL ARTS are the headings listed for Arts Education under the Georgia Curriculum Standards for Grades K-12. State of the Arts is GPB’s premier program designed to connect citizens to their statewide arts resources and the stories associated with them. There are resources on the State of the Arts site that serve as a portal for educators and parents to use this award-winning program as an inspiration to incorporate arts resources and content into their vision and plans for education.

There are two ways to access this useful arts content. The first is through the State of the Arts blog (, which provides commentary on current State of the Arts episodes while weaving in content from previous shows. You can also find educational content on the individual episode pages, which provide direct access to lesson plans, web resources and video clips that were developed for the earlier State of the Arts episodes.

Look for the green '' button on individual episode pages to find the 'for educators' resources.

State of the Arts
State of the Arts
State of the Arts
State of the Arts
Visual Arts

All of the educational resources selected for the site are based on state and national curriculum standards.