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Decorative Arts: Lesson Three-Description

Art Criticism and Guided Viewing

Looking at art is a complex and magical experience. This lesson will help students understand the role that art educators, docents and art critics play in educating the public about art. They will learn strategies for looking at and talking about art and devise a task sheet to hunt for symbols, motifs, and architectural features in the Fox Theatre.

GA QCCs for Fine Arts:

Crafts 9-12.10

Topic: Connections

Standard: Identifies and describes visual and tactile qualities (elements of art and principles of design) that exist in crafts from varied societies and analyzes how they communicate expressive content.

Crafts 9-12.12

Topic: Critical Analysis and Aesthetic Understanding

Standard: Classifies themes observed in crafts from varied societies throughout history.

Crafts 9-12.14

Topic: Connections

Standard: Critiques crafts using the processes of description, analysis,interpretation, and judgment based on evidence observed in artworks.


-Identifies stages of critical analysis.

-Develop an understanding of role art educators, docents and art critics play in educating the public about works of art.

-Design strategies for looking at the interior spaces in the Fox Theatre using the Elements and Principles of Art.

-Create a task sheet to help students learn about the art of the Fox Theatre.

Suggested Timeline:

  • Day 1: Introduce content, present student challenge, begin research
  • Day 2: Continue research, select room to study
  • Day 3: Continue research, write draft statement
  • Day 4: Continue statement
  • Day 5: Present completed writing for group critique

Clay is one of the most versatile mediums an architectural designer can use. Buildings have been constructed from clay using adobe and brick techniques. Clay is created to make tile ornamentation, fountains and murals. Designers of the Fox Theatre used decorative tiles throughout the interior spaces. It is a challenge to maintain the building interior and exterior. Art conservators use their artistry and technical knowledge to preserve this historic building.