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Decorative Arts: Lesson Three


Visitors are guided through the Fox Theatre by the Atlanta Preservation Center Guided Walking Tours. Volunteer docents show visitors the key areas of the theatre and discuss the history of the building. Information about the key figures and cultural influences is provided as the visitors see the architecture first hand (link). The tours take visitors inside the Egyptian Ballroom, Auditorium, Grand Salon, Spanish Room and the Men's and Women's Lounges. These tours help guest understand the magnificence of this architecturally significant structure. Helping people to look carefully at works of art is the job of art educators, docents and art critics. They use layered strategies for looking that help viewers see and understand the many images they are viewing. This is especially important in a building like the Fox Theatre. This building was designed to take its visitors on a magical journey to another time and place. Because it is so rich with visual stimulation, the viewer can become overwhelmed by all the shapes, colors and patterns.


You are the new Director of Programs for the Atlanta Preservation Center. Your first job is to design interactive tours for school groups that visit at the Fox Theatre. Select the Egyptian Ballroom, Auditorium, Grand Salon, Spanish Room or Lounges and create a work sheet which will help students to see significant architectural details. Design a task sheet that invites the students to sketch, write short answers and look for architectural details. Sheets should have 10 – 15 questions and be written for elementary aged students.

Suggested Procedures for Tesselation Design

Look at The Fabulous Fox Interactive Gallery and list the key spaces in the Fox Theatre (Egyptian Ballroom, Auditorium, Grand Salon, Spanish Room or Lounges).

Visit the visual arts web sites designed for children:

Art's Tool Kit

Eyes on Art

Art Games

Discuss strategies for looking at art (styles, cultural influences, symbols, shapes, architectural styles, etc).

Introduce the stages of critical analysis: description, analysis, interpretation, judgement.

Students will select a room in the Fox Theatre and design a task sheet to be used by elementary-aged visitors.

If a computer lab is available, have the students design their task sheet on the computer.