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Decorative Arts: Lesson One-Description

Tesselation Design

Tesselation image

Lesson Descriptions:

This lesson integrates math with arts by creating tessellation designs similar to those found in the decorative motifs of the Fox Theatre. Students will discuss how tessellations patterns are used in our environment, especially by interior designers. Ceramics, enamels, furniture, glass, metal work, and textiles, are considered decorative arts because they are meant to adorn or embellish a space (

GA QCCs for Fine Arts:

Drawing 9-12.1

Topic: Artistic Skills and Knowledge: Creating, Performing, Producing

Standard: Develops ideas, plans, and produces artworks that serve specific functions (e.g., expressive, social, and utilitarian).

Drawing 9-12.11

Topic: Connections

Standard: Applies concepts and ideas from other disciplines and their topics as sources of ideas for own artwork.

Drawing 9-12.22

Topic: Historical and Cultural Context

Standard: Explains the influences of historical and social factors on the development of selected drawings.


- Explore the mathematic and aesthetic properties of tessellations.

- Identify tessellation motifs in the Fox Theatre.

- Experiment with construction of tessellation patterns from simple shapes to more complex repeating patterns.

- Create a tessellation pattern.

Suggested Timeline:

Day 1: Introduce content, present student challenge, begin sketches

Day 2: Continue sketching

Day 3: Transfer finished design to drawing paper

Day 4: Add color to completed design

Day 5: Present completed design for group critique