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Decorative Arts: Lesson Four-Description

Aesthetics in Everyday Life

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature and value of art objects and experiences. It is concerned with identifying the clues within works that can be used to understand, judge, and defend judgements about those works. This lesson is designed to encourage students to discuss and debate the issue of historic preservation verses urban development.

GA QCCs for Fine Arts:

Crafts 9-12.6

Topic: Historical and Cultural Context

Standard: Evaluates through expository or creative writing the role of arts and artifacts as a visual record of humankind's cultural, political, scientific, and religious history.

Ceramics and Pottery 9-12.16

Topic: Critical Analysis and Aesthetic Understanding


-Develop an understanding of aesthetics.

-Engage in inquiry about real issues facing our society.

-Challenge students to think about art in broader terms.

-Research and write a persuasive argument about the aesthetic issue.

Suggested Timeline:

Day 1: Introduce content, present student challenge, begin research

Day 2: Continue research

Day 3: Write statements

Day 4: Refine debate presentation within groups

Day 5: Mock Debate