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Decorative Arts: Lesson Four


On December 25, 1929, the Fox Theatre opened its doors to the City of Atlanta and less than fifty years later it closed. In it's prime all the best performers and movies played in the Fox, but with neighborhoods moving farther and farther from the downtown areas people were not coming to the Fox as often. On January 2, 1975 the future looked bleak for the Fox Theatre and it's owners secretly began negations with Southern Bell to sell the property. Southern Bell was not interested in the building on the property, so they had plans to demolish the Fox in order to build a new regional headquarters. When it was revealed that the Fox Theatre was to be torn down, people from all over the south began to rally. The "Save the Fox" campaign was established. Citizens sent money and government official began to rethink their plans.

As an expert in your field, you have been invited to address the members of the Atlanta City Council regarding the proposed demolition of the Fox Theatre (Fox Timeline and archive articles). Your findings will determine the fate of this building. Select either the historic preservation or urban development viewpoint and construct 5-10 key points to defend you position.

Suggested Procedures for Tesselation Design

Look at The Fabulous Fox Interactive Gallery and list the key spaces in the Fox Theatre (Egyptian Ballroom, Auditorium, Grand Salon, Spanish Room or Lounges).

Visit the visual arts web sites designed for children

Discuss issues related to the history of the Fox Theatre (Fox Timeline and archive articles).

Introduce the topic for debate. Divide the class in small groups: one in favor of demolishing the Fox Theatre and one opposed.

Teachers should list key points on the board as they are presented.

Provide time for open discussion and summarize key issues.