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Cloudland Canyon State Park

Dade County

Date Established: 1938

Original Acreage: 1,924

Current Acreage: 3,485

style="float: left; padding: 10px;" border="0">Valued for its rugged beauty and unique geological formations, Cloudland Canyon was designated a state park in 1938 when the state began acquiring land from private owners. Two of these were the Mathews and McCaig families who still live in the area today. Land acquisitions continue sporadically as new property becomes available.

The landscape was shaped by erosion of sandstone over many millions of years to form the canyons of Bear and Daniels creeks. Because of the difficulty of accessing much of the terrain, sections of the park avoided the ravages of industrialization, and old-growth Yellow Poplar, Hemlock, Mountain Laurel, and Catawba Rhododendron can still be found in certain areas.

Currently, Cloudland Canyon offers a variety of trails snaking through some of the most pristine and beautiful wilderness in the state; among these are a Waterfall, Backcountry and Rim trails. The gorgeous geology of the canyons and the variety of rare flora within them render Cloudland Canyon a special and unique wilderness resource.

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