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Sid the Science Kid

Sid the Science Kid is an educational animated television series that uses comedy to promote exploration, discovery and science readiness among preschoolers. Co-produced by The Jim Henson Company and KCET/Los Angeles for PBS KIDS®, Sid the Science Kid is composed of 40 half-hour episodes featuring a practical in-school science curriculum, music and humor -- all in an effort to celebrate children’s natural curiosity about science in everyday life. The energetic and inquisitive Sid starts each episode with a new question (“Why are my shoes shrinking?” “Why do bananas get mushy?”) and embarks on a fun-filled day of finding answers with the help of family and friends.

7:30PAre You Being Served?

Goodbye, Mr. Grainger

8:00PKeeping Up Appearances

Three Piece Suite

9:00PAs Time Goes By

The House Next Door

9:30PAs Time Goes By

A Surprise For Jean

10:00PMoone Boy