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Flying the Secret Sky: The Story of the Raf Ferry Command

Flying the Secret Sky: The Story of the Raf Ferry Command sheds light on an unheralded World War II operation. In the early 1940s, civilian pilots from the Montreal-based Ferry Command delivered thousands of American-built bombers to aid Britain's fight against the Nazis. The crews flew experimental, trans-Atlantic routes in short-range bomber aircrafts fresh off American assembly lines into fierce winds, intense storms and dense fog. With few navigational aids, these "cowboys of the sky" braved the then-unknown force of jet stream and the constant risk of running out of fuel on 15-hour flights. Flying the Secret Sky weaves together first-hand accounts from Ferry Command veterans, interviewed at their 60th reunion. Air Commodore Taffey Powell, billionaire financier Kirk Kerkorian, Flight Engineer John Affleck and Captain Bill VanDerKloot - the American wartime pilot for Prime Minister Winston Churchill (and father of the film's Peabody Award-winning filmmaker) - describe their recruitment and the lure and necessity of their perilous secret mission.

Peabody Award-winning filmaker, Bill Vanderkloot was interviewed by Georgia Gazette Host, Rickey Bevington about his film, Flying the Secret Sky.

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