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Friday, October 24, 2014

If you heard it, you may well have wondered what this bunch looks like. If you didn’t, it’s easily accessible here. It’s the first broadcast of Break Room, a regular Friday feature of GPB’s new talk show, On Second Thought.

The woman in the middle is our host, Celeste Headlee. You can read her biography (and it is very impressive) by clicking Meet the Staff. The link is right under the show title, above.) To hear what went on in the Break Room this first Friday, click Past Shows. Our first week is all there.

Celeste’s guests today were Howard Franklin, Exec. Director of Georgia Forward; Natalie Pawelski, late of CNN; Ken Edelstein whom you may know from Creative Loafing; and Tomika DePriest, Chief Strategist at Spelman College. Topics ranged from parental responsibility for children’s web use to Coke’s bad money news; Google’s driverless cars to Todd Gurley’s suspension; and the Toys-R-Us misadventure with Breaking Bad Action Figures. This is what vox populi is all about.

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Today's Show Segments

It’s been nearly half a century since the Voting Rights Act became law in 1965. Civil rights leader and former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Andrew Young, was there from the beginning to help draft the bill alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ambassador Young joins On Second Thought to talk about why the Voting Rights Act was needed, how far the country has come, and what still needs to be done.

The Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal trial just finished its fourth week, but it’s got a ways to go. Thirty five educators were originally indicted on charges they changed test scores of student exams by falsifying answers. Twenty one took plea deals, leaving 12 on trial. Molly Bloom, a reporter with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, gives an update on the trial.

The Bronzelens Film Festival of Atlanta celebrates its fifth birthday this weekend. It features films made by and about people of color. One of the films on the docket is a new documentary about the actors and activists Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee.

By the time we make it to Friday, we all need a break. So each week we gather a group of smart people to help us unwind, recline, and opine about the week’s news.
This week's panelists:
Howard Franklin - Democratic strategist and Executive Director of Georgia Forward
Natalie Pawelski - vice-president for Cater Communications
Ken Edelstein - environmental blogger
Tomika Depriest - Chief Strategist at Spelman College