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Savage Seas

The oceans cover 70 percent of the planet and contain 90 percent of life on earth, yet they remain the most treacherous and alien part of our environment. They are a realm of dynamic extremes: breathtaking beauty can quickly devolve into awe-inspiring violence. Vast, chaotic storms can unleash almost inconceivable power. In four riveting hours, Savage Seas gives viewers a new perspective on the oceans: their immense power and their inner workings. Harrowing first-person accounts, up-to-date science, and unparalleled undersea footage will probe watery phenomena that hold both terror and allure. Savage Seas goes beyond the sensational to offer rich scientific insight. Cameras follow technical experts as they investigate why oceanic events happen. Meet communities that depend on the sea and people who live in amazing circumstances, such as commercial fishermen who have one of the riskiest jobs on earth. The series goes on to look to the future, and to undersea mysteries we have only begun to unravel.