Salsa 207: The Three Pigs - Instructional

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When her two younger siblings are too disruptive in the house, Carmen tricks them into going outside to play. Salvador, the middle brother, and María, the baby sister, go their separate ways to build their own houses. Elsewhere, the Wolf (Lobo) is hungry and wandering though the forest; he comes upon María's house of straw. He tries to be polite, but nearby flowers cause him to sneeze her house down. She flees for her life to Salvador's house of leaves and flowers. But his house is also no match for the Wolf's allergies, and the siblings run back home. When Carmen realizes that the Wolf simply wants a hamburger (and not ham), she invites him in. Unfortunately, their neighborly lunch is disrupted when Carmen offers the Wolf flowers, with predictable results.


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Words: la casa, rosado/rosada (house, pink)

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