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A GPB Production

The Royal Academy

Mary Cane-Honeysett, a determined (if not slightly eccentric) 74-year-old amateur artist, has fought to have her work accepted by the prestigious Royal Academy of Art in London since 1965. Arguably the greatest showcase for any artist, the Academy's summer exhibition provides both professional and amateur artists the opportunity to have their works displayed alongside those of many of the art world's finest painters and sculptors. THE ROYAL ACADEMY, a candid and honest film by Mary's son Tony Cane-Honeysett, charts her journey through the sometimes Byzantine world of the English art establishment. This intimate film is loving tribute to his mother’s talent, determination and foibles. Even without any formal art training, Mary has painted since the 1960s, documenting the changing nature of her neighborhood and England itself.

7:00PFather Brown

The Time Machine

8:00PRosemary And Thyme

The Language Of Flowers

9:00PKeeping Up Appearances

Early Retirement

9:30PAs Time Goes By

Lionel's New Hobby

10:00PAre You Being Served?

Dear Sexy Knickers