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"For our youth, it's never been more important that they stay in school then choose a college of their choice and get a quality postsecondary education. 'Road Trip' is an interesting, fun way for students to not only learn more about what the Technical College System of Georgia has to offer, but to also see why it's essential that they stay in school. We hope that every middle and high school student and their school administrators, counselors, and teachers tunes in and joins us for the ride." – Ron Jackson, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education

"The on-going excitement about this project is contagious. We want to bring home the message that staying in school is so important. Obtaining a post-secondary education is critical for people in today's job market." – Daryl Gilley, President of West Georgia Technical College

"At first, we were looking at basically a 'talking head' show, but we knew that's not what our student viewers want. So it evolved into 'Road Trip' with a fun premise, a great story line and a strong stay in school message. We've shot some fascinating college courses and it all comes across very well on video." – David Arnold

"The challenge for the show was finding something that would interest young viewers. We were looking for a hook that would work for an audience that watches a lot of television and likes to follow a plot. My biggest fear was that we would do something that our target audience would find boring. Far from that, 'Road Trip' is a fresh, exciting way for kids, teachers, counselors and school administrators to learn more about technical education." – Series Writer/Director Lee Davis

"Our goal is to help students in Georgia's middle and high schools to start thinking about their future and plan for their college education. We believe that 'Road Trip' will open a new world of opportunity to them, showing them the new age of technical education. Road Trip's message is 'staying in school is worth the ride.' Sure, you may hit a bump or two in the road, but whatever you do, continue your education. " – Michael Light, Director of Communications with the Georgia DTAE