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Right From Birth

Right from Birth: A Parenting Series is a new groundbreaking series on parenting and early literacy produced by Mississippi ETV. It features nationally recognized child development experts Drs. Craig & Sharon Ramey and Dr. Kyle Pruett. The twelve half-hour episodes lead parents and caregivers through the stages of early childhood from birth to 18 months, giving practical advice on preparing children for a lifetime of learning from the day they are born. The first four episodes explain how emotional and social intelligence develop in infants. They also cover the first phases of learning and intellect in babies. Episode five covers the seven essentials - a collection of guiding principles to help infant development. Episodes six through eleven describe the developmental stages from birth to 18 months. The final episode shows how to put the seven essentials to work beyond the eighteenth month. Information for the series has been collected from the best selling parenting guide by the Rameys, Right from Birth: Building Your Child's Foundation for Life.