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Rat Pack: A Conference of Cool

For a glittering five-year period Frank Sinatra and a group of Hollywood stars became the bad boys of fame - and the unofficial rulers of American society. They christened themselves the Rat Pack and each member - Sammy Davis Jnr, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and Sinatra himself - was already a star in his own right. Together they were unassailable. Whether performing on stage in the lounges of Las Vegas or acting the fool on the set of movies such as Ocean's Eleven, the Rat Pack became a byword for all that was good and much that was bad about 1950s America. This film shows the heyday of the Rat Pack, from the parties with John F. Kennedy to the intrigues with the sinister forces of the Mafia. Hollywood stars Angie Dickinson and Janet Leigh and music great Buddy Greco are just some of the interviewees who talk about the fun, the fame and the frenzy of the golden years of the Rat Pack.