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GPB’s WMUM/89.7 FM played host to America’s most dynamic oral history program in Macon. The distinctive StoryCorps MobileBooth Airstream Trailer Studio was located in the heart of Macon’s Historic District capturing oral history interviews.

The stories of people in Macon, Georgia are essential to the StoryCorps archive and will be preserved for future generations to hear. StoryCorps Macon will continue the mission to collect and share the voices of individuals from all walks of life and all parts of our nation – voices not traditionally represented in mainstream media.

StoryCorps visit was made possible by Macon Magazine and the Community Foundation of Central Georgia.

StoryCorps is an independent nonprofit project whose mission is to honor and celebrate each others lives through listening. We travel the country year-round recording the stories, life experiences, and conversations of everyday people. We preserve these recordings in our archive at the Library of Congress, and we broadcast selected stories every Friday on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Sonja Benjamin & Myriam Levy

Sonja Benjamin tells her daughter Myriam Levy what it was like having to hide her true identity.

Amy & John Sawyer

Amy and John Sawyer first met in elementary school. After years apart, the couple remembers meeting for the first time at a friend’s wedding.

Chris & Ramona Sheridan

Chris and Ramona Sheridan talk about the power of the story and the love for reading they have instilled in their children.

Jonathan Schultz and Lori White

Jonathan Schultz met Lori White while working at the Rainbow Center. Lori speaks about the hardships of overcoming her personal struggles and addictions.

Bettey Hutchings and Nancy Anderson

Bettey Hutchings and Nancy Anderson became friends while participating in a bi-racial dialogue group in Macon before the Civil Rights Movement. The women talk about how the experience shaped their lives.

Quinton and Ruth Cotton

Quinton Cotton tells his wife Ruth about his near death experience while parachuting for the first time.

Harold Katner and Jackie Sojico

Dr. Harold Katner speaks with StoryCorps facilitator Jackie Sojico about his experience as the only H-I-V/AIDS doctor in Macon at the time.

James Hubbard and Muriel Jackson

James Hubbard talks to his friend Muriel Jackson about what it was like growing up poor in the segregated south.

Pearlina and Tanya Graham-Simms

Mother and daughter Pearlina Graham and Tanya Graham-Simms share life lessons.

Bill and Chris Consoletti

Husband and wife Bill and Chris Consoletti reminisce about their engagement.

Susan Slocumb and Julie Bragg

Susan Slocumb asks her mother Julie Bragg about her hopes and dreams as a young bride.

Michael Leon and Alethea Blalok

Michael Leon and Alethea Blalok are life long friends. Michael is H-I-V positive. Alethea asks Michael how he wants to be remembered in life.

Margaret Dudley and Pilar Wilder

Margaret Dudley speaks with her grandson’s dance teacher Pilar Wilder. Margaret shares with Pilar her memories of the Civil Rights Movement.

Margaret and Ken Hanson

Margaret and Ken Hanson have been married for more than three decades. Margaret reflects on the first time she saw her husband.

Doug Keith, Joe Windish and Genie Hargrove

Doug Keith and Joe Windish spoke with their minister Genie Hargrove. Genie officiated Doug and Joe’s marriage ceremony. Doug and Joe wanted to know how Genie became a pastor.

Giles and Margaret O’Neal

Margaret asks her father Giles to recount his mischievous childhood days with his older sister.

Alan and Jessica Walden

Alan is one of the founders of Capricorn Records in Macon. He managed musicians like Percy Sledge, the Allman Brothers and Otis Redding. His daughter Jessica asks him about his journey in the music business and how it affected his life.