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Questioning the Constitution

For more than 200 years, the United States Constitution — a document dictating a representative government by the people and for the people — has served as the foundation for the country and its citizens. QUESTIONING THE CONSTITUTION reveals the development and structure of the Constitution, its various interpretations and the debate surrounding its possible reformation. Interviews with prominent politicians, constitutional scholars, and leaders from the NAACP and ACLU, combine with archival materials to create an understanding of the Constitution's past, present and future. The documentary explores the Electoral College, the lack of a "no-confidence" clause, the "tyranny" of the minority states in the Senate, the difficulty in amending the Constitution, post-9/11 legislation and the expansion and potential misuse of Executive power. The program also addresses some of the compromises and problematic aspects of the Constitution, including its stance on equal opportunity for women and civil rights for racial and ethnic minorities.