Alzheimer's: The Cost of Growing Old
ALZHEIMER'S: THE COST OF GROWING OLD offers an exploration of the diagnosis, the disease and the ongoing search for an effective treatment and a cure.
Be Well Now with Dr. Nancy Snyderman
Dr. Nancy Snyderman outlines the everyday elements that affect well-being.
Beautiful Son
A documentary about one family’s struggle to heal their son from autism
Brain Fitness
This program presents a workout to help viewers get their brains in better shape.
Brain Fitness 2: Sight and Sound
This program considers how vision and hearing change throughout life and what people can do to keep these senses healthy and fully functional.
Brain In Love with Dr. Amen
Brain In Love with Dr. Amen
Caring For Your Parents
This documentary draws attention to the social, economic, and personal revolution as adults become the primary caregivers for their aging parents.
Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
Daniel G. Amen, MD demonstrates how to optimize mental performance and overcome self-defeating behaviors like depression, ADD and anxiety.
Children and Autism: Time is Brain
Children and Autism is a sensitive and engaging portrait of two families faced with the daunting challenge of raising an autistic child.
Demystifying Dyslexia
Demystifying Dyslexia profiles inspiring individuals confronting the challenges of living with dyslexia.
Dr. Christiane Northrup: Menopause and Beyond
Dr. Christiane Northrup refutes old stereotypes about menopause and offers positive new guidance for women about hormones, diet and sensuality.
Facing Alzheimer’s: An African American Perspective
This program examines the challenges many African-American families face today as they try to deal with a difficult and often misunderstood disease.
Georgia Weighs In: A Childhood Obesity Special
Susan Hoffman talks with experts about nutrition, exercise, genetics and psychological issues that affect children who struggle with weight issues.
God on the Brain
Could it be that the physical make-up of people's brains programs them to believe in God?
Health Desk
Our stories are designed to help you understand more about health and sickness and the impact that health care.
Heart Healthy Yoga: Yoga for the Rest of Us
Cappy offers the viewers a documentary special that demonstrates the heart-healthy benefits of yoga.
It's Still My Life
The program opens at Camp Hardgrove in Warm Springs, Georgia, the only camp in the Southeast for adults with traumatic brain injury.
Keeping Kids Healthy
A show about better parenting, disease prevention and about keeping your kids safe.
Killer Stress: A National Geographic Special
Humans are turning on that same stress response to deal with 30-year mortgages, difficult bosses, teenagers and traffic jams.
Life (Part 2)
Life (Part 2) is a smart, daring series on the subject of aging.
Men Get Depression
Men Get Depression. It is the centerpiece of a national campaign on male depression.
Out of the Shadow
This film is a story of madness and dignity, shame and love, illuminating a national plight.
Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness
A GUIDE TO HAPPINESS explores how philosophy can help people lead happier, more fulfilling lives.
Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy
Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy celebrates pregnancy and early motherhood as it informs and educates women.
Second Opinion: Taking Charge of Your Healthcare
This informative, educational and entertaining medical series shows how doctors make decisions.
Secrets of Enlightenment with Deepak Chopra
Based on his best-selling book The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore, Deepak leads his audience on a path towards self-awareness.
Struggling in Silence: Physician Depression and Suicide
The film profiles doctors living with a variety of mood disorders.
Surviving Abundance: Overweight Kids in Crisis
A half hour documentary, produced by WHRO, examines the epidemic of childhood obesity.
Take One Step: A Conversation About Cancer with Linda Ellerbee
Linda Ellerbee leads a candid discussion with four doctors, all cancer survivors, about the past, present, and future of cancer.
The Infinite Mind
The Infinite Mind is an innovative, national, weekly public radio series.
The Miller Center National Debates: The Right to Healthcare
Examines America’s current role in the world, striving to present vigorous, substantive and civil discourse on major national issues.
The Power of Forgiveness
The Power of Forgiveness explores recent research into the psychological and physical effects of forgiveness.
The Road Beyond Abuse
A documentary about people who have suffered from child abuse and miraculously broken the cycle, and in doing so, changed their future.
The Truth About Cancer
This program seeks to answer the question, “Why does anyone still die of cancer?”
There is a Bridge
THERE IS A BRIDGE challenges conventional views of Alzheimer's sufferers as "unreachable".
This Emotional Life
Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?
A series that, for the first time on television, sounds the alarm about glaring socio-economic and racial inequities.
Your Health Matters
Important, timely and useful medical news from Atlanta internist Sandra Fryhofer MD, in plain language.


Amazon: Super River
Amazon: Super River explores the exciting life story of the world’s largest river with the world's most diverse ecosystem.
American Values, American Wilderness
In American Values, American Wilderness, a diverse group of Americans share their values for wilderness.
Appalachia: A History of Mountains and People
This series presents the compelling story of how landscape shapes human cultures and, in turn, how humans shape the land.
Appalachian Impressions
Attack! In Pursuit of Africa's Maneaters
Attack! In Pursuit of Africa's Maneaters documents challenges the people of Mozambique face in sharing territory with crocodiles, sharks, and lions.
Attenborough Wildlife
In this selection of ten of his hour long works, Sir David shares his particular insights into a great variety of the world’s wildlife.
Be A Predator
Extraordinary wildlife photography plus the latest technology combine in Be A Predator, an insider's view of predatory survival techniques.
Chattahoochee River
This program follows photographers Joe and Monica Cook’s canoe voyage down the Chattahoochee River.
Chattahoochee: From Water War to Water Vision
This documentary will educate viewers on the complex issues that face us when it comes to one of our most precious natural resources: water.
Chimpanzees: Return to the Forest
This program presents the remarkable history of Stella Brewer Marsden's ongoing chimpanzee rescue project.
Crane Song
Crane Song is a stunning visual essay of the Sandhill crane's migration through Nebraska.
Crown of the Continent – Alaska's Wrangell-St. Elias
Filmmaker John Grabowska explores Alaska's visually spectacular Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.
Dinosaur Week
We have dinosaur movies, NOVA specials, a party to preview Dinosaur Train and more!
Dinosaurs Alive!
Dinosaurs Alive! is a global adventure of science and discovery featuring dinosaurs "reincarnated" life-sized for the giant IMAX® screen.
Dolphins - The Code Breaker
Liz Hawkins tracks dolphin pods through the waters around Cape Byron and southern Australia, immersing herself among the enigmatic creatures.
Earth & Sky
On the Internet and via thousands of global broadcast outlets, EarthSky lets scientists speak directly to you about your world.
Earth Edition - Delicate Blooms: South Florida's Native Orchids
treks deep into the backwaters of the Sunshine State — the orchid capital of the U.S. — to glimpse these precious flowers
This program features the mystery of the Seismosaurus which was accidentally discovered by hikers in the Ojito Wilderness Area of New Mexico.
Eden at the End of the World
It is the last great wilderness of its kind, a rare and precious haven for some of Earth’s most indestructible creatures.
Emperors of Ice
Using Crittercam technology, hitch a ride with the majestic emperor penguin to go places only penguins have gone before – under the Ross Ice Shelf.
Farming the Future: Farm Life on Long Island
This program celebrates the three-century old family farmer way of life, examining the challenges of farming in suburbia.
Fiji Firewalkers
Fiji Firewalkers explores Fiji's people, land and culture, with a special emphasis on the legendary firewalkers of Beqa Island.
Garden Insects
This documentary film is both informative and aesthetically appealing, showcasing the multitude of insects in viewers’ own gardens.
Gates of the Arctic: Alaska's Brooks Range
Gates of the Arctic journeys to the remote Brooks Range, one of the most remote and pristine places in North America.
Georgia Aquarium: Keepers of the Deep
This program brings viewers up close and personal with creatures at the world's largest aquarium, the Georgia Aquarium.
Georgia Outdoors
An amazing view of all that Georgia’s natural environment has to offer.
Georgia Outdoors Classic
An amazing view of all that Georgia’s natural environment has to offer.
Georgia Serenade
From Rabun Gap to the Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia’s natural wonders are celebrated in this innovative program.
Global Focus: The New Environmentalists
Featuring intimate portraits of six passionate and dedicated environmental activists from around the globe.
Green Builders
This special looks at a variety of approaches and levels of commitment and at the individuals who have helped turn green building theory into reality.
Humpback Whale
Follows the natural history host extraordinaire as he travels from Alaska to Hawaii to the Antarctic to observe the social habits.
Ice Blink
ICE BLINK intertwines spectacular location footage, fascinating anecdotes and thought-provoking observations.
Jane Yarn: Marsh Lady of the Georgia Coast
Before the environmental movement began, the late Jane Yarn was blazing a path for conservation.
Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures
Jean-Michel Cousteau and his team of "oceanauts" have set sail to explore dangerous and spectacular locales across the globe.
Journey to Planet Earth
Journey to Planet Earth is television's only continuing science and nature series focusing on the environment.
Kamuy: The Japanese Brown Bear
KAMUY: THE JAPANESE BROWN BEAR is the story of a year-old bear cub's coming-of-age.
Knee Deep
follows a culturally diverse group of dedicated senior citizens who are pooling their collective knowledge for a common cause
Krakatoa brings to life the story of this mammoth eruption, using dramatic recreation, and contemporary documentary footage.
Marketplace Presents: The Climate Race
As the scientific questions over climate change settle, the fight over the globe's economic transformation is only just beginning.
Mystery of Chaco Canyon
How did an ancient civilization, with no known written language, arrange its buildings into a virtual celestial calendar?
Nature has been the benchmark of natural history programs on public television, capturing the splendors of the natural world.
National Geographic's Strange Days on Planet Earth
National Geographic's Strange Days on Planet Earth series shines the spotlight on both fresh and salt water.
Oak Openings Region: Discovering Our Natural Heritage
Oak Openings Region: Discovering Our Natural Heritage profiles the dedicated citizens striving to create a network of natural spaces.
Orphan Orca: Saving Springer
Orphan Orca: Saving Springer recounts the inspiring story of the rehabilitation and eventual release of the baby orca.
Parklands of the Midwest with Dan Kaercher
Dan Kaercher, editor-in-chief of Midwest Living Magazine, travels from forests, refuges, and scenic byways to rivers, lakes, and grasslands.
Planet Forward
Hosted by Emmy Award-winning CNN veteran Frank Sesno, the broadcast is driven by people’s ideas about the nation’s energy future.
Planet Tales
Planet Tales is a collection of natural history and historical documentaries.
Quest: Investigating Our World
QUEST: INVESTIGATING OUR WORLD profiles the dynamic scientists unveiling new and exciting innovations.
Race for Open Space
Examines the complex issues surrounding the development boom and how the phenomenon is tied with the American dream.
Remembered Earth: New Mexico's High Desert
In Remembered Earth, filmmaker John Grabowska and Indian author N. Scott Momaday present a vision of hope for humankind.
Ribbon of Sand
Ribbon of Sand profiles this seascape and the transitory islands that are doomed to disappear.
Savage Planet
Eyewitness accounts, scientific investigations, and unprecedented footage from around the world put viewers in the eye of the storm.
Savage Seas
Cameras follow technical experts as they investigate why oceanic events happen.
Secret Seashore: Georgia's Barrier Islands
The coast of Georgia is only 100 miles long, but it offers over 800 miles of serpentine shoreline.
Shore Things
swampwise This hour-long program, punctuated by Flood’s original songs, tracks the seasonal changes in the swamp.
The Adirondacks
Sprawled across six million acres in upstate New York, the Adirondack Park is by far the largest park in the lower 48 states.
The Botany of Desire
This special takes viewers on an eye-opening exploration of the human relationship with the plant world — seen from the plants' point of view.
The Everlasting Stream
Walt Harrington journeys to rural Kentucky to meet old friends, hunt rabbits and recall life lessons.
The Joy of Snakes
Okefenokee Joe explains in this quirky program, snakes are more interesting than lethal. All that and more on GPB's 'The Joy of Snakes.'
The Moon
Documentary that charts man's scientific progress in understanding the moon's history as well as the myths.
The National Parks: America's Best Idea - A Film by Ken Burns
This documentary series, directed by Ken Burns, was filmed over the course of more than six years in some of nature’s most spectacular locales.
The Natural History of the Chicken
Reveals that this small, common and seemingly simple animal is as complex and grand as any of Earth's creatures.
The Return of the Cuyahoga
The Cuyahoga is America’s best example yet of a watery success story. The dead river came clean — and back to life again.
The Secret Lives of Butterflies
The Secret Lives of Butterflies explores new realms of biology and ecology surrounding these vibrant creatures.
Tracks Across the Sky
Tracks Across the Sky documents a revered national landmark's collision with one of nature's most powerful forces.
Turning the Tide
Follows scientists, senior citizens and young children as they discover these urban wetlands' rich variety of plants and animals.
Walking the Great Divide: A Journey Along the Continental Divide Trail
Mark Flagler embarks on a six-month journey to traverse the primitive backcountry trail that stretches from Mexico to Canada.
Wanderers of the Deep
WANDERERS OF THE DEEP stars two of the most fascinating sea creatures, dolphins and whales.
Whales of Atlantis
Whales of Atlantis documents a five-month expedition aboard the French tall ship Belem.
When Nature Strikes Back
Focuses on some of nature's disasters, their effects, and science's help in prediction.
Wild Chronicles
Wild Chronicles tells the story of our planet from the vantage of those who have traversed its passageways.
Wild River: The Colorado
This program follows the Colorado River from its headwaters in Rocky Mountain National Park through Utah's Westwater Canyon.
Wild South
The Wild South tells the story of three of the last large southern wilderness areas and what they mean to three people.
Wild! is a series of high quality, nature, and wildlife long form stories, well told and beautifully filmed.
Yellowstone: Land to Life
Filmmaker John Grabowska presents a lyrical interpretation of the sweeping geologic story of Yellowstone.


400 Years of the Telescope
The compelling program takes viewers on an adventure through the heavens and around the globe.
A Room Nearby
Distinctive animation blends with comments from five culturally dissimilar people to pose a provocative question: Can loneliness make you happy?
Accidents in Space
Accidents in Space looks beyond the horrors of the Challenger explosion, Apollo 13 and the fire on Apollo 1 to examine the unreported and the unknown.
Apollo 17: Final Footprints on the Moon
Captures the events of two of NASA's tremendously successful and groundbreaking manned missions to the moon.
Design Squad
Design Squad plugs a cast of eight high-schoolers into the big, wild world of engineering.
History of Science
Marketplace Presents: The Climate Race
As the scientific questions over climate change settle, the fight over the globe's economic transformation is only just beginning.
Minds Behind the Station
A documentary for viewers of all ages about the NASA scientists who designed the Space Station and maintain the floating laboratory.
Moving Earth
An absorbing tale of institutional power and tradition challenged by scientific achievement and enlightenment.
Renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts the third season of this fast-paced and provocative science magazine.
NOVA Science Now
Renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts the third season of this fast-paced and provocative science magazine.
NOVA: Absolute Zero
The two-part special Absolute Zero presents the epic story of humanity’s struggle to master extreme cold.
Planet Forward
Hosted by Emmy Award-winning CNN veteran Frank Sesno, the broadcast is driven by people’s ideas about the nation’s energy future.
Secrets of Shangri-la
Explorers climbs for the first time into the legendary Kingdom of Mustang, a remote part of the Himalayas previously off-limits to outsiders.
Secrets of the Dead
Part detective story, part true-life drama, Secrets of the Dead unearths evidence from around the world.
Seeing In The Dark
This state-of-the-art documentary introduces viewers to the rewards of first-person, hands-on astronomy.
Supernatural Science
Supernatural Science uses a panoply of tools of modern science to illuminate the boundaries of human experience and belief.
The Human Face
This 4 part BBC series examines the science behind facial beauty, expression, and fame in an entertaining fashion.
The InVenture Prize @ Georgia Tech 2011
Teams of Georgia Tech students compete on live television for a $10,000 purse and a patent for the next great invention!
The Innovators: Designing the Future
THE INNOVATORS: DESIGNING THE FUTURE examines the power of innovation to transform lives.
The Transformation Age: How to Survive a Technology Revolution
Introduces the people poised to take advantage of new information-based technologies in the next five to 10 years.
Four programs with a combination of thematic and chronological approaches.
We Are The Aliens
In We Are The Aliens, groundbreaking research into panspermia is explored.
Wired Science
WIRED SCIENCE brings Wired magazine's cutting-edge vision, stylish design and irreverent attitude to the screen.