A Most Unlikely Hero
Captain Bruce Yamashita's courageous and inspiring battle against racism and discrimination in the United States Marine Corps
About Benjamin
In celebration of the 300th birthday of one of America's founding fathers, About Benjamin uncovers the man behind countless achievements.
American Idealist: The Story of Sargent Shriver
This is a biographical documentary about Robert Sargent Shriver, the founder of the Peace Corps, VISTA, Head Start, Job Corps and more.
Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil and the Presidency
A biography of America’s seventh president, this program explores whether Americans should celebrate Andrew Jackson or apologize for him.
As If We Were Ghosts
As If We Were Ghosts features rare archival material of African-American athletes, schools and everyday life during segregation in the South.
Atchafalaya Houseboat
This journey goes deep into the Atchafalaya Swamp with Gwen Roland, who built a houseboat and lived as her forebears had generations earlier.
Ballycastle documents the artistic journey of Stuart Shils whose life and work was forever changed by his encounter with a village in Ireland.
Betty Ford: The Real Deal
This documentary profiles former First Lady Betty Ford.
Billy Graham: God's Ambassador
Billy Graham: God's Ambassador is the only authorized video biography of Billy Graham ever made, featuring archival footage of his life and ministry.
Bob Hope: Hollywood's Brightest Star
This program offers an affectionate portrait of one of America’s most beloved entertainers, whose career spanned from Broadway to radio and beyond.
Born To Be King: Charles at 60
Born To Be King: Charles at 60 is a new and timely look at the man who could be the next King of England.
Carrier is a character-driven, nonfiction drama and a once-in-a-lifetime total immersion in the high-stakes world of a nuclear aircraft carrier.
Chet Atkins – A Life in Music
Chet Atkin’s story is chronicled through interviews, archival footage and performances.
Citizen Tanouye
Students from Torrance, California research the life and times of Technical Sergeant Ted Tanouye and the impact of WWII on their city.
A group of former classmates reunite and discover the profound impact their beloved African-American teacher, Mr. Bell, had on each of their lives.
Crown Princess Märtha: The American Story
This program explores the beloved Norwegian princess’ lasting impact on U.S.-Norwegian relations.
D-Day: Down to Earth – Return of the 507th
Return of the 507th Regiment: A Journey to Remember
Dean Martin: The One and Only
This film is a loving and moving tribute to one of the most admired, idolized and accomplished entertainers the world has ever known.
Elizabeth Winthrop: All the Days of Her Life
This program provides a fascinating look at the contributions women settlers made in colonial America despite the strict social pressures.
Ernest Hemingway: Life in Michigan
This program takes a closer look at a young boy from Oak Park, Illinois, who spent his summers with his family at their cottage in Northern Michigan.
Fannie Lou Hamer: Courage and Faith
This program highlights Fannie Lou Hamer's personal sacrifice in the struggle for voters' rights and equality.
Fats Domino: Walkin' Back to New Orleans
This program chronicles music legend Fats Domino's triumphant return to the stage after Hurricane Katrina's devastated his New Orleans hometown.
Five Phenomenal Women
Five women will receive Cal State Northridge's Phenomenal Women Award on Saturday, Oct. 23, at the university.
For the Love of Their Brother
This program is a heartwarming story about the Sillers, a close-knit Staten Island family whose youngest brother, a firefighter, perished on 9/11.
Frank Sinatra: A Man and His Music
This program features a solo showcase of Frank Sinatra, the mature, confident, and, at times, even swaggering, saloon singer and balladeer.
Frank Sinatra: The Man and the Myth
This is an intimate portrait of Sinatra that explores the motivations behind how he lived his life.
Frank, Dean, Bing and Perry: The Legendary Crooners
This program features classic performances and looks at the lives of five of the most influential performers in the history of popular music.
George Carlin: The Mark Twain Prize
The program recognizes the life and achievements of the beloved comedian.
Granny D Goes to Washington
This documentary chronicles the extraordinary march across the U.S. by political activist Doris Haddock.
Guarding the Queen
Guarding the Queen takes viewers behind the scenes to see what life is really like for these celebrated soldiers.
Help! The Movie
Help! — the sequel to the Fab Four's fantastically successful film debut A Hard Day's Night.
Here He Is...The One, The Only...Groucho Marx
A glimpse at the life and career of one of the most iconic comedians of all time, Groucho Marx.
Jackie Gleason - Genius at Work
Jackie Gleason - Genius at Work, features a collection of Gleason's most memorable characters and skits.
Jackie Onassis: An Intimate Portrait
Jackie Onassis: An Intimate Portrait traces the entire life of this true American icon of the 20th century.
James Stewart: A Wonderful Life
James Stewart: A Wonderful Life features interviews with Hollywood luminaries.
Jane Yarn: Marsh Lady of the Georgia Coast
Before the environmental movement began, the late Jane Yarn was blazing a path for conservation.
Jazz Icons: Ella Fitzgerald Live in '57 and '63
JAZZ ICONS: ELLA FITZGERALD LIVE IN '57 AND '63 features "The First Lady of Song" in two classic performances.
Jimi Hendrix Experience: American Landing
Jimi Hendrix Experience: American Landing celebrates the 40th anniversary of Hendrix's legendary Monterey Pop performance.
Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison
Explores the historical context of Johnny Cash's seminal concert album, "Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison."
Johnny Cash: A Man and His Vision
Part one of the program features rock musicians. Part two focuses on country acts.
Journey Out of Silence: The Heather Whitestone Story
The remarkable tale of Heather Whitestone McCallum, a beauty queen who was the first deaf Miss America title holder.
Centers on the presidential years and the loves, lives, triumphs and tragedies of one of the most controversial families.
Life is a Banquet: The Rosalind Russell Story
Life is a Banquet: The Rosalind Russell Story traces the remarkable show business career of this legendary actress of Hollywood's Golden Era.
Link: The Quiet Genius
About this American original, who, despite his shy demeanor, would become one of the 20th century's greatest inventors.
Looking for Lincoln
Looking for Lincoln dissects the myths that have grown up around Abraham Lincoln.
Margaret Mitchell: American Rebel
GPB explores the life and work of the captivating and complex Margaret Mitchell, the woman behind the incredible story Gone with the Wind.
Martha in Lattimore
This film tells Martha’s story in the context of Lattimore, the little town that has nurtured her.
Miss Lil's Camp
Miss Lil's Camp is a story about an exclusive summer girls camp in Georgia.
Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work
Viewers join Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of Britain’s most famous family as they travel abroad, work at the palace and meet people.
Muhammad Ali: Made in Miami
Explores the critical role that Miami played in the evolution of one of the most significant cultural figures of our time: Muhammad Ali
On a Wing and a Prayer: An American Muslim Learns to Fly
These modern-day Americans cast off stereotypes and refuse to succumb to victimhood.
Oprah's Roots: An African American Lives Special
Winfrey and Professor Gates continue their dramatic and illuminating quest to discover a fuller history of Winfrey's ancestry.
Out of the Shadow
This film is a story of madness and dignity, shame and love, illuminating a national plight.
PBS Previews Carrier
Making the film Carrier required 17 filmmakers to take a six-month journey aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz during its deployment.
Papa Said We Should Never Forget
The story of a young French girl, her small village, and the fight for liberty.
Paperback Dreams
PAPERBACK DREAMS is the story of two landmark independent bookstores and their struggle to survive.
Prange and Pearl Harbor: A Magnificent Obsession
This program explores the work of Gordon Prange, a University of Maryland professor.
Prince Among Slaves
This special tells the forgotten true story of an African prince who was enslaved in Mississippi for 40 years.
Profile: Arthur Blank
GPB presents an exclusive special profiling new Atlanta Falcons football team owner and Home Depot co-founder Arthur Blank.
Red Tail Reborn
The story of people who strive to educate Americans about the airmen and their signature planes with a distinctive red tail.
Renewal: Stories from America's Religious Environmental Movement
RENEWAL captures the vitality of the growing religious-environmental movement.
Ride of Our Lives
The Today Show's Mike Leonard rounded up his family and traveled around the U.S. for one month in a pair of RVs.
Roy Orbison & Friends: A Black and White Night
This triumphant performance for Roy Orbison is buoyed by a remarkable cast of “A-list” Orbison fans.
Sammy Davis Jr.: One Cool Cat
Sammy Davis Jr. is in the spotlight once again.
Saving Willie Mae's Scotch House
The story of restaurant owner Willie Mae Seaton provides an example of how New Orleans' culture is alive and authentic.
Seneca Ray Stoddard: An American Original
SENECA RAY STODDARD: AN AMERICAN ORIGINAL explores the life and creative genius of landscape photographer.
Shipping Out: The Story of America's Seafaring Women
This program celebrates the modern-day women who work in commercial shipping.
Simon Schama's Rough Crossings
Gripping dramatizations transport viewers from the slave plantations of Georgia to the bone-chilling cold of Nova Scotia.
Swimming in Auschwitz
This program interweaves the stories of six Jewish women imprisoned inside the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp during the Holocaust.
Thank You, Eddie Hart
Told by those on the front lines of history, this inspiring true story is a reminder that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary acts.
The Better Hour: The Legacy of William Wilberforce
Dramatizes the life of social reformer William Wilberforce, a leader in the British abolitionist movement.
The Carters: A Conversation
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter offers a very personal perspective.
The Curious Mister Catesby
The Curious Mister Catesbyis a one hour documentary about the life and work of scientist and artist Mark Catesby (1683-1749).
The Final Hours: Amelia Earhart's Last Flight
Recreates the final flight of Amelia Earhart, the noted aviation pioneer whose historic 1937 trip around the world ended in her tragic disappearance.
The Harry Caray Story: Hello Again Everybody
Hello Again Everybody is a documentary about the life of legendary Harry Caray, a sports icon and Hall of Fame broadcaster.
The Last Emperor
The Last Emperor is an Academy Award-winning feature film about Pu Yi, the last emperor of China.
The Life a House Built: The 25th Anniversary of the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project
The film celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project.
The Magic Never Ends: The Life and Work of CS Lewis
Children's writer, Christian apologist, Oxford don, scholar and a man considered by many to be the greatest Christian writer of the 20th century.
The Pact
A gritty, provocative true-life story of three friends from the 'hood.
The People V. Leo Frank: A Georgia Roundtable
This program is about the murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan of Marietta, and the subsequent trial, conviction, and lynching of Leo Frank.
The Teachings of Jon
THE TEACHINGS OF JON is an insightful and humorous documentary by Jennifer Owensby about her brother Jon.
The Thomas B. Murphy Story
Georgia Public Broadcasting brings back this special documentary in remembrance of former Speaker Thomas B. Murphy.
The Windsors: A Royal Dynasty
This four-part series tells the story of this great family and the turbulent times they have survived.
The Woman Who Thinks Like A Cow
The Woman Who Thinks Like A Cow tells the story of Dr. Temple Grandin — an extraordinary woman with a highly controversial theory.
Through A Dog's Eyes
Turmoil & Triumph: The George Shultz Years
Vince Dooley: A Conversation
Vince Dooley: Beyond Football
It's an in-depth look at the man who led UGA to 201 wins, six Southeastern Conference championships, and one national championship.
WWII Flying Ace: Robert L. Scott
When Life was Young
The magazine's surviving photographers survey their own work from the era.
Young Lincoln
The documentary focuses on Lincoln's close bonds with his family.
Zora's Roots
This program examines the life of author and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston.


American Experience: Civilian Conservation Corps
The Civilian Conservation Corps tells the tale of one of the boldest and most popular New Deal experiments.
Arabian Horse: The Ancient Breed
ARABIAN HORSE: THE ANCIENT BREED separates the myths from the realities of the regal equine known for its versatility.
Freedom Songs: The Music of the Civil Rights Movement
This program shows how important music was to the success of the civil rights movement and how well it captured the vitality and idealism
Global Voices
Features several new documentaries and notable international documentaries that have previously aired.
Guns, Germs & Steel
Jared Diamond's revolutionary theories about the course of human civilization come to the screen in this series.
Liberty or Death
Captures this seminal moment in American history by balancing experts' commentary on the events preceding the second Virginia Convention.
Life is a Banquet: The Rosalind Russell Story
Life is a Banquet: The Rosalind Russell Story traces the remarkable show business career of this legendary actress of Hollywood's Golden Era.
Mystery of Chaco Canyon
How did an ancient civilization, with no known written language, arrange its buildings into a virtual celestial calendar?
Pidgin: The Voice of Hawaii
Profiles this working-class language from its rise as plantation jargon to a source of island identity and pride.
Questioning the Constitution
QUESTIONING THE CONSTITUTION reveals the development and structure of the Constitution.
Secrets of Shangri-la
Explorers climbs for the first time into the legendary Kingdom of Mustang, a remote part of the Himalayas previously off-limits to outsiders.


A Legacy of Achievement: The Italian Americans
This program explores the contributions of Italian-Americans to New Jersey's government, culture, education, economy, agriculture and science.
A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway
Rick travels across America’s first transcontinental highway, exploring the changing landscape along the route from Times Square to San Francisco.
A Span in Time
A Span in Time tells the scintillating saga of the 2007 Labor Day weekend Bay Bridge construction project, with C.C. Myers as the contractor.
African American Lives 2
This four-part series draws on DNA analysis, genealogical research and family oral tradition to trace the lineages of the participants back to Africa.
Air Group 16: We Came To Remember
Documentary of the last reunion of Air Group 16 – the men who served on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Lexington in the Pacific in World War II.
American Experience
As TV’s longest-running, most-watched history series, American Experience brings to life the characters and stories that helped form this nation.
American Flag: Two Centuries of Concord and Conflict
This film is the definitive documentary about the history of the American flag.
American History Through Southern Eyes
This documentary series examines our nation’s past from a uniquely Southern perspective.
American Masters
American Masters is an ongoing series of specials examining the lives, works, and creative processes of our most outstanding cultural artists.
Apollo 11: First Steps on the Moon
In Apollo 11: First Steps on the Moon, NASA officials expose the risks and uncertainties that threatened the Apollo 11 mission from beginning to end.
Apollo 17: Final Footprints on the Moon
Captures the events of two of NASA's tremendously successful and groundbreaking manned missions to the moon.
As If We Were Ghosts
As If We Were Ghosts features rare archival material of African-American athletes, schools and everyday life during segregation in the South.
Athens: The Dawn of Democracy
Against the glorious backdrop of ancient Greece, classical historian Bettany explores the truth about the "Golden Age" of ancient Athens.
Baseball : A Ken Burns Film
Join Burns for the classic baseball stories from the Great Depression through the 1950s, from Joe DiMaggio and Satchel Paige to Ted Williams and Jacki
Beijing, Are You Ready?
This program explores how Beijing and its people are being affected and invigorated by the first-ever Olympic Games in China.
Best Friends: The Power of Sisterhood
Best Friends: The Power of Sisterhood celebrates the uniquely powerful bond between women friends.
Black/White & Brown: Brown Versus The Board of Education of Topeka
This documentary presents the stories of individuals, events and circumstances that converged as the wheels of the legal system were set in motion.
Canteen Spirit
Canteen Spirit tells the story of the North Platte Canteen, which began as a case of mistaken identity and grew into a legend.
Come Walk in My Shoes
Come Walk in My Shoes provides a fresh, first-person perspective on the nonviolent protests that challenged segregation laws in the South.
Craft in America
Three programs explore the vitality, history and significance of the craft movement in the United States.
Dinosaur Week
We have dinosaur movies, NOVA specials, a party to preview Dinosaur Train and more!
Documenting the Face of America: Roy Stryker and the FSA/OWI Photographers
This film brings to life the stories behind the New Deal-sponsored photographers who captured the face of Depression-era America.
Dreaming of Tibet
This film looks at the lives of extraordinary Tibetan exiles who have survived in exile and are deeply involved in keeping their culture alive.
Exposé: America's Investigative Reports
Each of the documentary-style episodes in Exposé chronicles powerful, groundbreaking recent journalistic investigations.
Faubourg Tremé: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans
Faubourg Tremé is a tale of heartbreak, hope and resiliency - all set to a soundtrack of fabulous New Orleans music.
Flying the Secret Sky: The Story of the Raf Ferry Command
Flying the Secret Sky: The Story of the Raf Ferry Command sheds light on an unheralded World War II operation.
Fort Niagara: The Struggle for a Continent
This program explores the story of the longstanding national landmark through rare archival materials, expert commentaries and re-enactments.
Great Old Amusement Parks
Long before the days of giant theme parks, the United States had many amusement parks where families gathered.
Hershey Park: Sweet Memories
This program also presents a sweet ride through the chocolate factory, and the town of Hershey.
Hidden Heroes
Dutch Jews relive the ordeal they experienced during WWII, and provide accounts of the "hidden heroes" who risked their lives to shelter them.
History Detectives
Travels around the country to explore the stories behind local folklore, prominent figures and family legends.
Hollywood's Magical Island: Catalina
An armchair adventure through time and nature that explores the romantic history of Santa Catalina Island.
In Search of Myths and Heroes
Wood embarks on a set of "on the ground" adventures in search of the world's most famous myths.
JFK: Breaking the News
Offers one of the first broadcast examinations of how local journalists in 1963 delivered rapidly breaking news.
Jerusalem: Center of the World
This show draws on religious texts, archaeology and oral traditions to try to determine why this city has occupied the minds of so many for so long.
Jewish Americans
On the Lower East Side, Jewishness permeated the very texture of everyday life.
Johnstown Flood
Based on the accounts of those who survived the 50-foot wall of water and subsequent greed.
Ken Burns American Stories
The late historian Stephen Ambrose said of Ken’s films, “More Americans get their history from Ken Burns than any other source.”
Lessons for Life
LESSONS FOR LIFE follows the poignant and enlightening journey of a group of high school teachers, lawmakers and dignitaries
Lewis & Clark: Crossing the Centuries
LEWIS & CLARK: CROSSING THE CENTURIES traces the Lewis and Clark expedition’s route from St.Louis, Missouri to the Oregon Coast.
Lincoln and Lee at Antietam - The Cost of Freedom
Vividly brings to life the bloodiest single day in American history, the Battle of Antietam.
Lost Royals
Lifts the lid on royal indiscretions from the past and sets out to track down some of the thousands of unknowing illegitimate descendants.
Margaret Mitchell: American Rebel
GPB explores the life and work of the captivating and complex Margaret Mitchell, the woman behind the incredible story Gone with the Wind.
Medal of Honor
The highest U.S. award for valor in combat is told through personal accounts of bravery and daring.
Monarchy with David Starkey
MONARCHY is an unprecedented series examining the power, politics, religion, and extraordinary lives.
Picturing Mary
Journeys through history, from ancient times to the present, to survey some of the world's most treasured art.
Pioneers of Television
The stories of Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson headline this episode about the formative years of late-night television.
Railroad Empire
THE RAILROAD EMPIRE explores this vital moment in California's history and charts its impact.
SS United States: Lady in Waiting
Tells the story of this fabled vessel from her design and construction to her star-studded glamorous heyday and her gradual decline into neglect.
Secrets of Mary Magdalene
This documentary, based on the book by Dan Burstein and Arne de Keijzer, strips away historical veils.
Secrets of Shangri-la
Explorers climbs for the first time into the legendary Kingdom of Mustang, a remote part of the Himalayas previously off-limits to outsiders.
Slavery and the Making of America
This groundbreaking series chronicles the institution of American slavery from its origins in 1619.
Stories in Stone
This is a documentary film about the Narragansett Tribal stonemasons who for over four hundred years built many stone walls.
StoryCorps Savannah
GPB and WSVH recently hosted Americas most dynamic oral history program in Savannah, Georgia.
Ten Crucial Days - The Road to Liberty
The Road to Liberty examines the significance of General George Washington's Continental Army.
The Civil War
Ken Burns' epic documentary brings to life America's most destructive — and defining — conflict.
The Clinton 12
THE CLINTON 12 captures a pivotal moment in the American civil rights movement.
The First Battle
THE FIRST BATTLE documents how, during World War II, 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry on the U.S. mainland were wrongly interned.
The Forty Ninth Star: Creating Alaska
The 49th Star: Creating Alaska is an inspiring account of democracy in action.
The Games for the Gods
The Games for the Gods explores how the Olympic Games changed the face of Greece.
The Golden Game: Baseball in Sacramento
The Golden Game: Baseball in Sacramento nostalgically recounts Sacramento's 150-year baseball history.
The History of the Devil
The History of the Devil looks at how our concept of evil, as symbolized by the Devil, has evolved.
The History of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
The History of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City explores the roots of this innovative banking structure.
The Last Ghost of War
Thirty-two years after the end of the Vietnam War, the victims and their attorneys, scientists and activists wage war in the courts.
The Last Ridge
This documentary traces the 10th Mountain Division's history: from their uphill battles in WWII to their current campaigns in troubled Afghanistan.
The Last Stronghold: The Miles City Bucking Horse Sale
The Last Stronghold: The Miles City Bucking Horse Sale delves into contemporary cowboy culture in eastern Montana.
The Lost Pyramids of Caral
Attempt to answer one of the great questions of archaeology: Why did humans become civilized?
The March of the Bonus Army
Laid the groundwork for later social legislation, including the all important GI Bill for WWII veterans.
The Mormons
A co-production that provides a searching portrait of this fascinating but often misunderstood religion.
The People V. Leo Frank: A Georgia Roundtable
This program is about the murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan of Marietta, and the subsequent trial, conviction, and lynching of Leo Frank.
The People's Palace
Begins with the library's founding at the turn of the 20th century and progresses through to recent modernization efforts.
The People's President: Man, Myth and the Media
This program looks at the role of Hollywood film and network/cable television in both shaping and reflecting America’s views of the presidency.
The Perilous Flight: America's World War II in Color
Witness World War II through rare color film, and read letters from a nation redefining itself.
The Powder and The Glory
Based on the book War Paint: Madame Helena Rubinstein & Miss Elizabeth Arden — Their Lives, Their Times, Their Rivalry by Lindy Woodhead.
The Price of Freedom
A film that tells the tale of a different band of brothers: a small group of WWII veterans whose bonds go far beyond surviving combat.
The Rape of Europa
The Rape of Europa relates how Europe’s art treasures survived the systematic theft and deliberate destruction perpetrated by Germany.
The Real Olympics
The Real Olympics features a reconstruction of the major events of the ancient Olympic Games.
The Remarkable Red Hat Society
This program chronicles the evolution of the Red Hat Society, the "sorority" for women over the age of 50.
The Story of India
India has renewed itself several times, enjoying several brilliant golden ages in art and culture.
The Summer of a Lifetime
THE SUMMER OF A LIFETIME traces the history of summer camps from Lake Champlain to Wisconsin.
The Trail of the Mummy
The Trail of the Mummy uses the findings of the museum to reconstruct his life and times.
The War
Explores the history and horror of the Second World War from an American perspective.
The World Was Ours
A documentary chronicling the rich, vibrant history of the Jewish community of Vilna.
They Lived in Great Houses
THEY LIVED IN GREAT HOUSES is a nostalgic look back at two magnificent mansions built in an exclusive part of the San Francisco peninsula.
Third Ward TX
The Project Row Houses, stabilized the area, transforming symbols of poverty and hopelessness into beacons of strength and imagination.
Thunderbolts of Millville
Thunderbolts of Millville charts World War II's impact on the civilians of one quaint New Jersey town.
Til the River Runs Clear
This program tells the story of America's environmental flagship, the Clearwater.
Tracks Across the Sky
Tracks Across the Sky documents a revered national landmark's collision with one of nature's most powerful forces.
True Whispers: The Story of the Navajo Code Talkers
This program tells the stories of the young Navajo men recruited from government boarding schools into the Marines during World War II.
Turning Points: Stories of Life and Change in Church
This award-winning documentary connects human faces with pivotal contemporary issues surrounding sexuality and faith.
Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs
Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs highlights the celebrated exhibit of Tutankhamun artifacts.
USS Wisconsin: The Last Battleship
This program presents the ship’s fascinating history and features stories.
Untold Stories: The First Pitch
Former major-league players, historians, sports reporters, city officials and fans discuss southwest Florida's role in the history of baseball.
WWII Behind Closed Doors: Stalin, the Nazis and the West
Historian and filmmaker Laurence Rees tells the story of Stalin’s backroom dealings — first with the Nazis and then with Roosevelt and Churchill.
WWII Website
Presents the story of World War II through the personal accounts of men and women from Georgia.
Walking the Bible
Part adventure, part archaeological detective work and part spiritual exploration.
Four programs with a combination of thematic and chronological approaches.
Way of the Warrior
This documentary examines the visceral nature of war and the bravery of Native American veterans who served in the United States military.
Weaving Worlds
This documentary traces the history of Navajo rug weavers and their role within the global economy.