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Port of Savannah

On this episode of Prime Time Politics, the Prime Topic is the Port of Savannah. Host Scott Slade interviews Curtis Foltz of the Georgia Ports Authority, Andrea Malloy of the Coastal Conservation League, Peter Oddi of the Army Corps of Engineers, and Bill Sapp of the Southern Environmental Law Center. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of deepening the Savannah harbor, including the potential economic and environmental impacts. In our Roundtable segment, Scott Slade is joined by Tom Crawford of the Georgia Report, Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Walter Jones of Morris News Service and Orlando Montoya of GPB Radio in Savannah.

7:00PRick Steves' Europe

Paris Side-trips

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Rome: Baroque Brilliance

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9:00PLincoln Awards: A Concert For Veterans & The Milit
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Mr. Selfridge, Season 3 - Episode 8