Postcards from Buster

Arthur's best friend Buster stars in his very own series! Postcards from Buster™, a new half-hour Arthur® spin-off, blends animation with live-action footage of Buster's travel adventures throughout the United States, with forays into Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Targeting children ages four to eight, this groundbreaking series is part of the PBS KIDS GO!(SM) weekday lineup. Buster, one of the most popular characters on Arthur - the Emmy® Award-winning animated series based on Marc Brown's books about an eight-year-old aardvark and his family and friends - accompanies his airline pilot father as he flies the Latin rock group Los Viajeros on a concert tour. To stay in touch with friends back home, Buster mails them live-action video "postcards" he creates of the people and places he visits. Narrated by Buster, his P.O.V.-style footage is woven seamlessly into each animated story.

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