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This week on Political Rewind:
The plan to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a monument on Stone Mountain has come under fire from groups who traditionally find themselves on opposite sides of any issue. The NAACP and the SCLC oppose any inclusion of a monument to Dr. King on the mountain as long as symbols of the Confederacy remain on the mountain. The Ga. Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans oppose the construction of the monument on the grounds that Stone Mountain was founded to be only a memorial to the Confederacy. Governor Deal has signed off on the plan for the monument, a tower featuring a replica of the Liberty Bell containing the line from Dr. King’s 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech - “Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia.” How will this turn out?
We’ll talk presidential politics. Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson continue to lead the Republican field looking to replace President Obama. In the latest CNN poll, Trump doubles Carson’s support in the early voting states of South Carolina and Nevada with 36% and 38% of the vote respectively. If Trump wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, and these new poll numbers hold, could the reality TV star roll through the South and win the Republican nomination?
Trump and Carson were in the Atlanta area recently. Dr. Carson signed copies of his book in Lawrenceville and spoke at a church in Hall County. The book has stirred controversy with Dr. Carson’s assertion that if the Jews had been armed, the Holocaust might have been averted. Outrageous? In Gwinnett County, Trump mostly tossed one liners and red meat to a sellout crowd in Norcross.
Will the Democrat debate, which included actual policy and position discussions among the candidates, inspire the Republicans to get their campaign back to ideas of how and who to best govern the country or will TV ratings buoyed by boast and bluster render substantive discussions of the issues moot?
Did Hillary Clinton’s debate performance help her efforts to secure the Democratic nomination? Did Bernie Sanders’ performance at the debate give waffling Democrat voters a reason to “ Feel the Bern”? And whither Joe Biden?
Finally, will Newt Gingrich be the new/old U.S House Speaker? And will Georgia get casino gambling. The panel weighs in on all of this and more.
Jackie Cushman – Author, Republican consultant
Sen. Vincent Fort – Democrat, Ga. State Senate
Jim Galloway – AJC Political Insider
Sen. Nan Orrock – Democrat, Ga. State Senate
Todd Rehm–