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This special edition of Political Rewind examines the evolving relationships between political reporters and the politicians they cover. How has political coverage changed in recent decades? Did the Gary Hart cheating scandal lead reporters into spending too much time investigating the personal lives of candidates for office or are character issues crucial for voters to understand? Why do the media devote so much attention to poll results and the horse race rather than focus on campaign issues? Why has it become routine for candidates to try to avoid talking to reporters and looking for other ways to get their messages directly to voters? Is this healthy for democracy? A problem? Our special panel for this important conversation: Hank Klibanoff, former managing editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and professor of journalism at Emory University, Jackie Gingrich Cushman, who worked on her father newt's congressional and presidential campaigns, Chip Lake, a top Republican political consultant in Georgia and Jim Galloway, lead political writer for the Atlanta Journal Constitution.