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Host Bill Nigut leads his panel of insiders in conversations about key news stories of the week. Today the panel looks at the controversy over the decision by the Kennesaw city council to deny a permit to a Muslim congregation looking to hold worship services in a Kennesaw strip shopping center storefront. Was this an act of discrimination by the city council? Will the city face a federal lawsuit? Bill interviews Mark Mathews, the mayor of Kennesaw and Emmet Bondurant, one of the top civil rights lawyers in the Southeast to get to the bottom of this dispute. Sandy Springs mayor Rusty Paul joins the panel to discuss his efforts to renew interest in a plan to develop public transit in the metro area. Panelists are: Republican advisor Eric Tanenblatt, Democratic consultant Tharon Johnson, Republican columnist Jackie Gingrich Cushman and Jim Galloway, lead political writer of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.