Poetry Everywhere with Garrison Keillor

This April, Poetry Everywhere returns to public television online and on air with new poems and new voices. Through a collection of 24 short poetry films, the project introduces television viewers to a broad spectrum of great poets and poems; builds a wider audience for contemporary poetry; and increases the overall presence of poetry within the two most ubiquitous media in American popular culture: television and the Internet.

Garrison Keillor, Project Narrator:
"What makes a good poem? I’d say stickiness, a kind of memorability… You hear it and a day later some of it is still there in your brain. I think a poem is 'good' if it's memorable, reciteable, and it’s accessible."

There are many good poems out there you don't get a chance to see or hear and now Poetry Everywhere, a series of short poetry videos offered to public TV stations, is giving people just that opportunity. You can make poetry more accessible by showing Poetry Everywhere everywhere. Even folks who say they don’t necessarily "appreciate" poetry will find something here to enjoy.

I hope you will air Poetry Everywhere on your station, and get poetry back into people’s lives.


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