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About - On The Story

“On the Story” Monday through Thursday, 7 PM

“On the Story” is an exciting new approach to exploring the issues, people and events that make Georgia a vibrant place to live, work and play. While most news broadcasts provide useful summaries of the day’s news, “On the Story’s” mission is to give viewers a more complete perspective on the major issues facing the state, and to seek out engaging stories about the talents and achievements of the remarkable people who give our state its unique personality.
Every night, “On the Story,” brings together smart people from academia, journalism, business, education, politics and many other areas of Georgia life to engage in lively and thoughtful conversation on key issues in the news.

And there’s more:
Georgia is home to a diverse array of visual and performance artists, musicians, entertainers, technology innovators, scientific researchers, business and agricultural leaders and more. “On the Story” brings viewers a close up look at their stories, too.
If you’re looking for the news behind the headlines…a place to find what’s happening in the arts…a program that celebrates the accomplishments of Georgians in so many fields…you’ll want to join us Monday through Thursday evenings at 7 PM for “On the Story.”