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January 30, 2015

A-Town Boyz: it’s a movie -- a documentary about an Atlanta sub-culture you may not have heard of. Asian-American gangs.

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Flashbangs are used by SWAT teams when they're conducting a raid and want to incapacitate people. Unfortunately, flashbangs have injured a number of innocent people, including a 19-month-old baby in Georgia. Host Celeste Headlee speaks with Mario Williams, the lawyer for a woman whose legs were burned by a flashbang, and SWAT trainer James Fairfield about whether the use of these devices should be more limited.

A new documentary gives an inside look at Asian American gang activity in Atlanta. Host Celeste Headlee talks with director Eunice Lau about the film, what attracts kids into gangs and what keeps them there.

An organization in Chicago is using gang recruitment tactics to try and get kids out of gang life and onto a better path. Host Celeste Headlee speaks with Crushers Club director, Sally Hazelgrove, and one of her students, Melik Phipps, about the program.

Almost a decade ago, the Department of Justice and the FBI announced a plan to investigate unsolved racially-motivated cases. A project at Emory University is re-opening some of these cases in Georgia:

We talk to the instructor of the course, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Hank Klibinoff and one of his students.

A Georgia Tech professor says an 11,000 acre site in Camden County could become a spaceport by 2018, and a state lawmaker agrees with him. Host Celeste Headlee talks with Camden County Commissioner Steve Howard about the possible future of space travel in Georgia.