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Friday, November 7, 2014

This multi-million hit viral video is just one subject in this week’s Break Room. Net Neutrality, the election, Ebola are among the other topics.

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There’s a tri-state water war between Georgia, Florida and Alabama. And we asked you -- Is Georgia using too much water? Florida says we are, but what do you think? Maybe Georgians are killing the poor oysters down in Apalachicola Bay.

On Thursday’s show, we heard from investigative journalist Greg Palast. He did a story for Al Jazeera America about a program that’s designed to crack down on voter fraud by flagging people registered to vote in multiple states.

The program is called Interstate Crosscheck, and it’s been adopted by more than two dozen states, including Georgia. Palast says it tends to target minorities, and he says actual cases of double voting are rare.

Crosscheck was developed by the Kansas secretary of state’s office, and its expanded under current Republican Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. During Thursday's show, Palast made several allegations against Kobach in relation to Crosscheck.

We invited Mr. Kobach to be on Thursday's show, but didn’t get a response. After Palast’s appearance, we were able to reach Kobach and asked him to respond to Palast’s claims against him. I asked him if anyone has been caught and arrested for voting in two different states.

Almost half the people in this country have no dental coverage. And the Affordable Care Act doesn’t include dental insurance -- a result of political compromise.

Journalist Sarah Smarsh writes in Aeon that the omission of dental care is dangerous. In her essay, “Poor Teeth,” she also says bad teeth are often a social marker of poverty.

Read her article.

Sometimes, it’s not the big headline but the little typo that bugs you the most. It falls to Don Smith, a producer and editor at GPB, to let loose about the little things that get under your skin.

By the time we make it to Friday, we all need a break. So each week we gather a group of smart people to help us unwind, recline, and opine about the week’s news.

This week's panelists:

Ken Edelstein - environmental journalist and communications consultant

Tomika Depriest -Chief Strategist at Spelman College

Hector Fernandez - director of the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies at Georgia State University

Goldie Taylor - contributor for the Daily Beast