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November 8, 2003

Sharpening Pruners

Ever tried to prune with dull tools? If you
have, you've probably caused some unnecessary damage to your landscape
plants. Pruning with dull pruners often results in uneven cuts and even
wounds that can provide openings for plant disease and other problems.
Sharp pruners make short work in the garden and avoid potential
problems. Walter demonstrates how to keep yours keen-edged with a
simple tool.

Caring for Bromeliads

Bromeliads are fascinating plants! The center
of the plant is filled with water, yet the roots like to be dry. The
flowers are unlike those on any other plant. Walter shows how to use an
apple to force a bromeliad to bloom, and he shows how to break off a
"pup" from the side of a mature plant to propagate a new one by
planting it in loose potting soil.

Vines for Your Georgia Garden

Strange, but true and fascinating! Vines are
the only plants which can actually "move" if they don?t like their
surroundings. Walter shows several kinds of annual and perennial vines
that will "move" you to plant them in your own garden.