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An Update From New Orleans

Charter schools, special education, and new preschool funding are among changes for New Orleans schools.

'The Interview' To Play In More Than 200 Theaters On Christmas Day

Sony had pulled the controversial comedy that centers on a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after ominous threats were made, allegedly by a group that hacked the studio's emails.

Floating Toilets That Clean Themselves Grow On A Lake

A new project places little kayaks filled with aquatic plants under latrines in floating homes on Southeast Asia's largest freshwater lake. So how do the toilets clean the wastewater?

Kurds Put Their Independence Dreams On Hold

When Iraq was rapidly fracturing this summer, the Kurds started talking about independence that they've been seeking for a century. But now, the priority seems to be battling the Islamic State.

Christmas presents

Police Offer Tips To Keep Homes, Gifts Safe

Police in coastal Georgia are offering tips to bolster the security of gifts and the homes they're being opened in this holiday season.

Woman Who Challenged Facebook's Age Limit Dies At 114

Anna Stoehr became an Internet celebrity at age 113, when she owned up to fibbing to join Facebook. Stoehr was born before the Wright brothers took their historic first flight.


Severe Storms Forecasted In Georgia During Holidays

Forecasters say the potential for severe thunderstorms will be greatest this week in parts of western and south Georgia.

Satanic Temple's Holiday Display Vandalized In Florida Capitol

A woman is in custody and the atheist group behind the display said it plans to press charges. The diorama of Lucifer falling into the flames of hell was part of the rotunda's free speech zone.

Could Glitter Help Solve NASA's Giant Telescope Problem?

NASA's next big space telescope costs $8 billion and is very heavy. New York scientists think they may have found the makings of a cheaper, lighter answer for future space scopes in a crafts store.

Record Number Of Britons Are Using Food Banks

Hunger has become one of the biggest issues in British society. A parliamentary report says one problem is welfare benefits, which have been cut under the conservative government.