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Teachers Go Door-Knocking In Nashville

In Nashville, Tenn., several public schools are struggling to compete with nearby charters. To recruit more students, teachers are tearing a page from the charter playbook: going door to door.


Video: Jellyfish Industry Meets Resistance In South Carolina

Many have hailed the market for cannonball jellyfish as a saving grace for struggling shrimpers. But residents of Beaufort County, where a new plant is in the works, aren't so sure.

The Man Argentines Love To Hate Is An American Judge

Little-known in the U.S., Thomas Griesa is a villain and scapegoat in the Argentine media. The federal court judge in New York has ruled against Argentina in its battles with its "vulture" creditors.

Justice Department Plans New Cybercrime Team

The reorganization being announced today will "provide a central hub for expert advice and legal guidance" and improve coordination among law enforcement, businesses and elected officials.

To Search For A New Supernova, Build A New Camera

Most telescope cameras can only capture a small patch of sky at a time. But a new camera has a much larger field of view, and its backers are hoping for help in deciphering its reams of data.

Cops Versus Community: Bibb Sheriff And Black Men Talking To Each Other

Bibb County's sheriff attends a panel discussion to talk race relations in Macon.

The Ant's Pants? Oxford Dictionaries Adds 1,000 New Terms

The new additions range from pop culture ("xlnt" and "permadeath") to business-speak ("algorithmic trading"). We present a list selected by the editors.