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Mass Graves Found In Mexico, Near Place Where 43 Students Went Missing

The students were last seen being forced into police vans. The mass graves gave rise to fears that the missing students may be dead.

Occupy Central: Faces From Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Movement

On what could be a fateful day for the eight-day old civil disobedience movement, NPR's Anthony Kuhn brings us some of the sights.

Seeing Neurological Patients As Characters, Not Case Studies

Legendary theater director Peter Brook is working on a new play centered on people with unusual conditions like synesthesia, extraordinary memory or the inability to sense their own bodies.

Hope For Ebola Treatment Found In Survivors

Health officials are looking to those who have recovered from Ebola to treat new cases. The World Health Organization hopes to find antibodies in the blood of people who have fought off the virus.

Vatican Synod Tests The Pope's Vision Of A More Merciful Church

Bishops are meeting with Pope Francis these next two weeks for an extraordinary conference to debate family matters including hot-button issues like artificial contraception and gay civil unions.

Showtime's 'Homeland' Now Depends On Carrie Mathison As Flawed Hero

As Showtime's Emmy-winning terrorism drama starts its fourth season Sunday, NPR TV Critic Eric Deggans says the show struggles to continue without a key character.

Giants Outlast Nationals In A Grueling 18-Inning Marathon

It was the longest post-season game in Major League Baseball history.

Photo Break: America Puts On Its Fall Colors

October brings the peak of the autumn foliage season in many U.S. states. Thanks to the NPR community, we've collected some photos that are worth taking a break from the news to stare at.

Haiti's 'Baby Doc' Duvalier Dies At 63

Jean-Claude Duvalier, the former Haitian dictator nicknamed "Baby Doc" after he succeeded his father in ruling the country, has died. After a brutal regime, Duvalier was sent into exile in 1986.

Dallas Ebola Case: Experts Say 9 People At Highest Risk Of Contact

Health experts are "fairly certain" that nine people had enough direct contact with an Ebola patient that they could potentially have been infected. None of them have shown symptoms, the CDC says.