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Iraq, Kurds Agree On Deal Over Oil Exports, Budget

The agreement could ease some pressure on Iraq's government, which is facing an economic crisis, and on Kurdish authorities who have had trouble paying government employees and security forces.

Among Dartmouth's Lathes And Saws, Lessons In Creativity

In a woodshop on the Ivy League campus, Dudley Whitney shapes blocks of wood ... and the lives of his students.

Brooke Astor's Son, Convicted Of Raiding Mother's Fortune, Dies At 90

Anthony Marshall, son of socialite Brooke Astor, was convicted in 2009 of defrauding his mother. Marshall was sentenced to prison, but appeals delayed him from serving any time until 2013.

50 Years Of 'A Charlie Brown Christmas': Share Your Sad Tree Photos

Since 1965, Charlie Brown's scrawny tree has been compared to many real-life Christmas trees. If you have one in your past or in your den we want to see it.

Colorado's Pot Industry Looks To Move Past Stereotypes

In the year since Colorado made recreational marijuana legal, pot has become a billion-dollar business in the state. And some growers are on a serious mission to make it legitimate and mainstream.

NASA Prepares To Test New Spacecraft (That You've Likely Never Heard Of)

The new vehicle, named Orion, is designed to carry humans into deep space. But most Americans aren't aware it exists.

Your Odds Of Surviving Cancer Depend Very Much On Where You Live

The largest study of cancer patients reveals a huge gulf in survival rates around the world. And in some countries, there may only be one cancer doctor for the entire population.

Son Of Ex-Ugandan Dictator Idi Amin Says 'Guardian' Obituary Had Errors

But the British newspaper's ombudsman says that after a thorough review, The Guardian does not plan to revise the 2003 obituary of the Ugandan leader.

Legal Pot In The U.S. May Be Undercutting Mexican Marijuana

As more U.S. states approve marijuana for medical or recreational use, the price for pot growers in Mexico is falling. This could change the business model for narcotraffickers as well.