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In China, Obama Touts Visa Deal, Progress On Free-Trade Pact

Under a new agreement, the U.S. and China will extend visas from the current one-year term to five and 10 years. President Obama is in China for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

Ebola Today Could Mean Illiteracy Tomorrow In West Africa

Millions of children aren't going to school because of Ebola. The fear is that some kids will never return to class. For others, the time off means putting their career dreams on hold.

Combining The DNA Of Three People Raises Ethical Questions

Scientists in England are ready to do something that's never been done before combine the DNA of two women and one man to create embryos that don't carry hereditary mitochondrial disorders.

Ill-Equipped And Underpaid, Kurdish Fighters Hold ISIS At Bay

With Iraq's military in tatters and U.S. forces gone, the Kurdish peshmerga is the only viable force to stave off ISIS in Iraq. With little support from Baghdad, discontent grows among the fighters.