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A Burger Joint Pays $15 An Hour. And, Yes, It's Making Money

Fast-casual chain Moo Cluck Moo, in suburban Detroit, pays all of its workers far above the typical wage for a fast-food employee. It's part of its business model.

Music and Christmas Lights Bring Beauty and Fun To Middle Georgia

There is always something fun to do in Middle Georgia. We've got some ideas this holiday season!

Ayn Rand's Novel 'Ideal' To Be Published Next Year

Rand wrote Ideal as a novel in 1934, but didn't like it and set it aside. Later, she reworked it as a play. The New American Library says Ideal will be published in the form in which Rand intended it.

Red Cross Misstates How Donors' Dollars Are Spent

Red Cross officials have repeatedly said 91 cents of every dollar donated to the charity goes to disaster relief services. But an investigation by NPR and ProPublica found that's just not true.

At Beer Mile Championships, Scientist Sets New Women's Record

In a dizzying finish, American Elizabeth Herndon set a new women's mark in the Beer Mile World Championships in Austin, Texas, last night.

DNA Pioneer Watson's Nobel Prize Sells For $4.75 Million

The Nobel Prize that James Watson won for helping explain how DNA is structured has a new owner. Watson has said he'll donate much of the $4.75 million sales price to educational institutions.

With Harvest Season, 'Trimmigrants' Flock To California's Pot Capital

Humboldt County is famous for towering redwoods and pot. Every fall, young people descend on its small towns. They're seeking work as trimmers, who manicure marijuana buds to prepare them for sale.

Court Rules Chimps Don't Have Same Rights As People

The New York Supreme Court's appellate division declined to extend habeas corpus to Tommy, a chimpanzee living in a cage at a trailer dealer in Gloversville, N.Y.

NYC Police Will Be Retrained, De Blasio Says At News Conference

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton announce plans to give new training to police officers.

Grand Jury In Garner Case Heard From 50 Witnesses, Saw 4 Videos

A New York judge allowed the release of limited information about the usually secret process. Unlike the Ferguson case, the judge released only metadata.