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Should We Rue Rob Portman's Decision Not To Run For President?

Why oh why, the question goes, aren't there more candidates like ... you know, that guy everybody likes ... what's his name ... Rob Portman?

Mischief Under The Mistletoe: Office Partygoers Behaving Badly

Partying with co-workers can lead to awkwardness and worse. And, HR experts say, alcohol is often to blame. "If people used common sense, I wouldn't have a job," says employment attorney Jon Hyman.

CDC Considers Counseling Males Of All Ages On Circumcision

Citing reduced risk of HIV and other sexually acquired diseases, the federal agency says health care providers should discuss circumcision with men as well as parents of infants and teen boys.

Twitter Targets Trolls With New Rules On Abuse

One woman who has experienced abuse on Twitter calls the change "a big step up," as the company changes how it handles harassment and the ability to block other users.

Israel's Netanyahu Fires Ministers, Calls For Early Election

The prime minister has more than two years left in his term. But with his coalition fracturing, Benjamin Netanyahu said it was "impossible" to lead a government under the current conditions.

Study: Campaign Cash Brings Tax Benefits On Capitol Hill

A new analysis finds that corporations that deploy lobbyists and make contributions experience lower and more consistent tax rates over the long term.

Holiday Shoppers Are Filling Their Carts, Online

In-store purchases on Black Friday fell this year, but online sales have seen a big increase. Easy comparison shopping and widespread free shipping have sweetened the deal for many online shoppers.

Fill 'Er Up: The Joys Of Good Gas Station Food

Forget dried-out doughnuts and creepy-looking hot dogs. In cities across the U.S., patrons can fill up on gourmet grub and top off their tanks in one stop.

House OKs Measure Stopping Social Security Payments To Former Nazis

A loophole in the law meant suspected Nazis who were forced out of the country continued to receive benefits. The House vote was unanimous. The Senate votes on a similar measure in the coming weeks.