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From Grading Tests To Mixing Beats

Monica Shah's middle school students in the nation's capital don't call her "Ms. Shah," but "DJ Shah."

Some Deportees Return To Mexico But Their Stuff Stays In The U.S.

A new report says thousands of people are being deported without their belongings, money or ID. And that's creating even more hardship for Mexican migrants when they return home.

Gingerbread/Savannah Harbor Foundation

Coastal Ga. Weekend: Savannah And Coastal Events Dec. 11-14

Molly Swagler of the Tourism Leadership Council and Siobhan Egan of Paprika Southern offer their picks for a fun holiday weekend in Savannah.


Switchpitch Flips The Script On Startups And Big Companies

A monthly event turns the tables on established large companies; it's their turn to make their pitches to tech startups.

Kennesaw mayor Mark Matthews

Kennesaw City Council To Reverse Decision On Mosque

The Kennesaw City Council is reversing its decision to deny a permit to a Muslim organization that wants to open a mosque at a shopping center.

A Toilet No More: NBA Team Changes Arena Plan After Jokes Swirl In

The Golden State Warriors have revised their new arena's design, after critics said that from overhead, at least, the building looked just like a toilet with the seat and lid down.

For Yazidi Women, Escaping ISIS Doesn't Mean The Ordeal Is Over

Many of the 5,000 Yazidi hostages in Iraq are women who are being raped. Those who return to their deeply conservative community face new trauma: shame, invasive "virginity tests," possible pregnancy.

Boredom On The Border Between Liberia And Guinea

To stop the spread of Ebola, Liberia shut down its border crossings to Guinea. That might have been wise from a medical point of view, but it's bad for the economy and the restless residents.

S. African Prosecutors To Seek Murder Conviction Against Pistorius

The double-amputee Olympian was convicted earlier this year of culpable homicide, or manslaughter, in the shooting death of his girlfriend. He is serving a five-year prison sentence.

From Potatoes To Salty Fries In School: Congress Tweaks Food Rules

The giant federal spending bill that's expected to go to a vote Thursday will give schools some flexibility in implementing nutrition standards. Also a winner: the potato lobby.