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Fidel Castro Awarded China's Confucius Peace Prize

The award was set up in 2010 after the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to a Chinese dissident. Chinese media said the former Cuban leader was honored because he didn't use force in foreign relations.

U.S. Says It Has Closed Its Final Detention Center In Afghanistan

The U.S. said it closed its facility at Bagram, ending a controversial chapter in American history. The U.S. said it no longer holds any prisoners in Afghanistan.

More Drinking, Less Buzz: Session Beers Gain Fans

Light beer doesn't have to mean less flavor. A growing trend is offering another option. Session beers emphasize craft-beer taste with alcohol as low as or lower than big-brand light beers.

Women's Work Is Never Done On The Farm, And Sometimes Never Counted

The percentage of female farmers is climbing slowly, according to federal figures. But those numbers don't take into account the many new roles women are filling on multigenerational family farms.

Here's Why Retailers Keep Sending You Catalogs

While other things made with paper have become obsolete, Americans received nearly 12 billion catalogs in the mail last year and they love them, says one business consultant.

Why Police Departments Have A Hard Time Recruiting Blacks

Since the Ferguson, Mo., shooting, there have been renewed calls for police departments to hire more blacks and other minorities. But recruiters say there's a shortage of candidates.

Watch: Navy Ship Uses Energy Weapon In Persian Gulf

The U.S. Navy says it made a "historic leap" by deploying a laser weapon system for the first time. A video shows the system, based on the USS Ponce in the Persian Gulf, taking target practice.

From Grading Tests To Mixing Beats

Monica Shah's middle school students in the nation's capital don't call her "Ms. Shah," but "DJ Shah."