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The 'Blood Moon' Eclipse Was Quite A Show

The total lunar eclipse today that could be seen over North America and across the Asia-Pacific region had the added feature of a reddish hue caused by sunlight filtered through Earth's atmosphere.

Spanish Nurse Says She Reported Her Ebola Symptoms Several Times

A Spanish-language newspaper reports that Teresa Romero Ramos told authorities on three separate occasions before her quarantine that she had a fever.

Excalibur, The Dog Exposed To Ebola, Is Euthanized

The pet belongs to the Spanish nurse who contracted the virus. Authorities are afraid he might have been infected and announced plans to put him down. Dog lovers begged for a reprieve.

Texas Officials Say They Will Cremate Ebola Patient's Remains

As relatives grieve, public health officials are setting in place a plan to safely care for the remains of Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan. Cremation or burial are both acceptable, the CDC says.

Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Gay Marriage In Idaho, Nevada

A federal appeals court had struck down bans on same-sex marriage in the two states. Officials in Idaho appealed to the Supreme Court following the decision.

Five U.S. Airports Will Institute New Ebola Screening Procedures

Passengers arriving from some countries in West Africa will have their temperatures taken upon arrival. They will also be asked to keep