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'Pineapple Express' Pounds West Coast, Causing Floods, Power Outages

The region is expected to get rain through Friday. Meteorologists say this is the biggest storm the region has experienced since 2009. Twitter users dubbed it #hellastorm.

Confusion Over Job-Based Insurance Can Shortchange Consumers

Some consumers mistakenly think that having access to skimpy coverage at work means they won't qualify for subsidies if they are interested in a more complete policy on the health care exchanges.

Wealth Gap Between Races Widened During Recession, Study Says

According to the Pew Research Center, white, black and Hispanic households all lost wealth during the recession, but nonwhites saw the disappearance of a much greater percentage of their net worth.

Born In The U.S. But Turned Back At The Border, Time After Time

Deportations have jumped in recent years. And increasingly, those cases like that of Maria Isabel de la Paz are being handled by federal agents at the border, not by immigration courts.

Lost Disney Film, Featuring Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, Found In Norway

Archivists at Norway's National Library, at its vault in the Arctic Circle, found an almost complete version of Empty Socks, featuring the character who preceded Mickey Mouse.

'Computer Failure' Restricts Airspace Over London

The U.K.'s National Air Traffic Control Center experienced a mid-afternoon power failure that has grounded most of the air traffic over London.

Big Drop In Students Being Held Back, But Why?

The number of students being held back has been cut nearly in half, and researchers have no idea why.

Even If Torture Doesn't Work In The Real World, TV Has Us Convinced It Does

Interrogation experts have tried to get shows like 24 to tone down the torture. But NPR TV critic Eric Deggans says that may not be as easy as it sounds.

Chicago's Orphaned Otter 'Pup 681' Gets A Real Name

The southern sea pup now known as Luna was found on a beach in California in October. She was transferred to the Shedd Aquarium, where a naming contest was held this month.