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Researchers To Attempt Robotic Landing On Comet's Surface

Putting a probe on a comet's surface would be a first for mankind. But it doesn't look like it will be easy.

In Berlin, A Beat That Bloomed From Rubble

Today Berlin is a techno hot spot. The scene has its roots in the fall of the Berlin Wall, when young people from East and West got together in abandoned buildings to dance and celebrate together.

Afghanistan's Way Forward: A Talk With Gen. John Campbell, Decoded

Gen. John Campbell leads the U.S. forces in Afghanistan. On Veterans Day, he offers his assessment of the war as the U.S. winds down its presence and hands over responsibility to the Afghans.

A Marine's Parents' Story: Their Memories That You Should Hear

Sylvia and Ron McHone of Crystal Lake, Ill., knew the news was not good when Marines came to their door after 10 o'clock at night in 2012. This is their story.

Secretary Of Embattled VA: 'I Can Reset The Tone'

One of Robert McDonald's challenges is to get more doctors to work for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Another is to make the agency's structure easier for veterans to navigate.'s Tech Improvements Mean You Can Now Window Shop

After a launch that failed last fall, the administration is hoping this year's open enrollment period goes more smoothly, by letting customers browse first.

South Korean Ferry Captain Sentenced To 36 Years

The punishment for the April calamity drew shouts and sharp criticism from victims' family members in the courtroom; many had urged a death sentence.

Veterans Voices Multitracked, Overdubbed, Amplified Through An Actor

A new multimedia stage production, led by a Juilliard composer and an Iraq veteran who took up acting, hopes to help struggling soldiers battle post-traumatic stress disorder.

Medical Experts Look For New Ways To Test Ebola Drugs

Can you run a clinical trial without a placebo group? That's one of the questions facing researchers in West Africa.

veterans affairs director

Secretary Of Embattled VA Promises Overhaul

The Veterans Affairs Department has announced that the agency is being revamped to make it easier for veterans to gain access to the department and its many websites.