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Obamacare Architect Apologizes For Remarks On The Law's Passage

In a video, economist Jonathan Gruber says "the stupidity of the American voter" was key to the law's passage. He has apologized, but critics say his remarks are an admission of intentional deceit.

Golden State Joe: California Makes A Play For Coffee's Future

California's coffee crop is new and small, but farmers are optimistic about its potential. Scientists hope that by growing coffee here they can learn more about how to help the crop resist disease.

Actress Who Played Mrs. Wolowitz On 'Big Bang Theory' Dies At 62

Carol Ann Susi died Tuesday after a brief battle with cancer, according to her agent Pam Ellis-Evenas. Susi played Howard Wolowitz's mom, Debbie, on the CBS hit The Big Bang Theory.

Ferguson, Mo., Anxiously Awaits Michael Brown Grand Jury Decision

The jury could hand down its decision in the teen's death as early as this weekend, and both protesters and authorities are preparing for that moment.

Training The Next Generation Of Doctors To Get LGBT Health Right

People who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender often have a hard time getting appropriate health care. Med schools need to integrate LGBT health throughout training, a key group says.

South Carolina Same-Sex Marriage Ban Is Overturned

Rejecting the state's argument that it, not the U.S. government, has the authority to define marriage, a federal judge overturned South Carolina's ban on same-sex marriage Wednesday.

Comet Landing A Success: European Craft Makes 'Fairly Gentle Touchdown'

Millions of miles from Earth, the Philae robotic lander has settled on the comet's surface, the European Space Agency says.

Famous Paintings Sell For Millions At Auction, But The Artist Gets Zero

Unlike novelists and musicians, visual artists don't get royalties for their work. New legislation aims to fix this by taxing public sales, but auction houses Christie's and Sotheby's oppose the idea.

China And U.S., Titans Of Carbon Pollution, Move To Cut Gases

China and the U.S. account for more than a third of greenhouse gases making it vital that any broad climate plans include the pair.

How Animals Hacked The Rainbow And Got Stumped On Blue

There's more than one way to make color, nature tells us. And more than one way to use it to your own advantage.