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In The Philippines, More Than 1 Million Flee Typhoon Hagupit

The storm toppled trees and flooded neighborhoods across a swath of the island nation, but so far appears to have spared the region the deadly destruction of last year's Typhoon Haiyan.

When It Comes To Day Care, Parents Want All Children Vaccinated

Parents have strong opinions about vaccination, a poll of parents done by the University of Michigan finds. Most want day care centers to require that children are up to date on their shots.

If Slow Is Good For Food, Why Not Medicine?

Industrialized medical care drives up costs and leaves doctors and patients frazzled. Now some doctors are trying a more deliberate and mindful approach to the practice of medicine.

U.S. Tech Firms See Green As They Set Up Shop In Low-Tax Ireland

Google, Apple and other industry leaders have global headquarters in Ireland. But the U.S. Congress and others aren't happy, and the Irish are reconsidering some of these business-friendly tax laws.

The Decreasing Loneliness Of The Indian Long-Distance Runner

Our India correspondent used to say she'd only run if a tiger were chasing her. Now she's a jogger in New Delhi and finds that many former non-runners are joining her in parks and in races.

6 Arrested For Looting Antiquities From Israel's 'Cave Of The Skulls'

Israeli authorities released a photo of a 2000-year-old lice comb that was captured along with the men, who are accused of stealing objects from the area where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

U.S. Reportedly Unaware Of Second Hostage Ahead Of Failed Rescue

When U.S. Navy SEALs raided an al-Qaida hideout in a failed bid to rescue American Luke Somers, they didn't know that South African Pierre Korkie was also being held there.

6 Gitmo Detainees Transferred To Uruguay, U.S. Says

Four Syrians, one Tunisian and one Palestinian were released to the South American country early today as part of a deal to reduce the inmate population at the controversial prison.

Protests Over Police Killings Turn Violent In Berkeley, Calif.

At least two officers were injured trying to quell vandalism and looting among demonstrators protesting the deaths of Michael Brown and chokehold victim Eric Gardner.